On Kharge’s ‘Ravan’ jibe at PM Modi, Amit Shah’s ‘ballot box’ reply


Union home minister Amit Shah on Thursday reacted to the Congress’s “Ravan” remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the people of Gujarat have always given a reply to the grand old party through the ballot box whenever they have used inappropriate words against the PM.

“Whenever the Congress has used inappropriate words against PM Modi, the people of Gujarat have given a reply through the ballot box. This time also the people of the state will give a reply,” Shah told news agency ANI.

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During an election campaigning for the party, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge at a rally in the Behrampura area of Ahmedabad said, “In all these campaigns, he (Modi) only talks about himself. ‘Don’t look at anyone else, just look at Modi and vote’… how many times do we have to see your face? How many forms do you have? Do you have 100 heads like Ravan?”

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Shah said Modi has provided long-term solutions to many of the state’s basic needs problems. Shah said Gujarat got rid of its water problems by constructing the Narmada Yojana-Sardar Sarovar dam, which was built to provide water and electricity to four states: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. He also spoke on the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana, which involves diverting surplus flood water from the Kadana Reservoir and the Narmada River to water-stressed areas.

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Shah claimed that Modi has provided 24-hour electricity to all villages and good healthcare to all regions. He said there were numerous reasons for Gujaratis to vote overwhelmingly for the BJP.

On the anti-radicalisation cell which was part of the “Sankalp Patra” (resolution letter) released by the BJP in the state, Shah said, “It is a proactive step to control riots and terrorist activities.”

As the state enters the first phase of voting on Thursday, Shah urged the people of Gujarat to cast their votes in favour of development, and he urged them to participate in this “festival of democracy,” referring to the elections.

In total, 89 of Gujarat’s 182 constituencies are voting in the first phase, which will determine the fate of 78 candidates. The remaining 93 seats will be voted on during the second phase, which is scheduled for December 5. On December 8, the election results will be announced.

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