Want To Use iMessage On Android Phones? Try Sunbird: All Details


Apple continues to keep iMessage away from Android users, keeping it limited to those with an iPhone. But it seems the tech community has been working behind the scenes to make this a reality, and now we have an app that could actually let you use iMessage on Android.

This app is called Sunbird which supports encryption for messages, offers full-quality videos and photos and even access to iMessage group chats along with reactions. You can read more about it over here.

The Sunbird messaging app is not expected to be launched before 2023, but the team that has built the app says that it has observed that many people repeatedly search for terms such as iMessage for Android. And Sunbird claims to do just that for Android users. It also claims that iMessage will run on Android free of cost, and you don’t need any special hardware to run it, just your regular Android phone would do. But you do have to be part of a waitlist, and depending on the demand for the app signups, the Sunbird app will be available to you.

The team behind Sunbird has also been quick to push away any possible concerns about user privacy and their data. They claim their servers will never store any data such as the personal information of the users with the app and also any other third-party login information. Sunbird wants to work on the web as well, but no such focus on iOS for now.

Sunbird wants to eventually go beyond iMessage and integrate more messaging apps like Telegram, Instagram DMs, Slack and even Signal into its platform. Bringing all these apps to one place will help manage their apps on the device a lot better and free up space to use other stuff.

Apple has never shied away from comments about iMessage and its exclusivity to Apple users. But Google has pushed itself to test the waters and publicly demand that Apple not only bring iMessage to Android but also consider opening up the gates to RCS messaging for iPhone users. Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about such a possibility, to which he said, people should just buy an iPhone.

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