International Civil Aviation Day 2022: How to Make a Career in Civil Aviation


Are you the one who has always been or is passionate about flying high and hitting skies? A career in civil aviation would be the right choice for you. Whether as a pilot or a ground staff, pursuing a career in aviation industry would be justice to your aim and interest.
However, apart from a pilot or a ground staff there are numerous of other domains as well which you can look for in aviation industry and build a career of your choice. On the occasion of International Civil Aviation Day 2022, let’s find out what it requires to make a career in civil aviation.
International Civil Aviation Day 2022 Today
International Civil Aviation Day is observed on December 7, every year. This day is marked as a global observance and it is celebrated to promote awareness about the importance of international civil aviation organisations.
Skills Required to Make a Career in Civil Aviation
Communication: Working in an airline industry requires an individual to have a good communication skills as they would be required to interact with passengers in their day-to-day life. Being able to speak fluently and clearly with a decent and polite tone is what you should ensure while talking to the airline passengers. You can get an edge over others if you could speak and understand multiple languages.
Personality: As an employee of a civil aviation industry, you should develop a good personality as it is a public sector and having a decent personality really impacts your work. It takes you a long way in the airline industry as it helps in making a good relationship with the customers. Moreover, creating a good profile.
Travel-friendly: It is the most basic requirement which is expected from a candidate being interviewed for a job in civil aviation. An individual who is travel-friendly and likes to explore different places would be given preference over others.
Decision Making: If you are in a aviation industry then during an interview you will be tested for your decision making skills. This skill is mandatory for a candidate pursuing a career in aviation industry as there could be times when a candidate would be required to make a strong and quick decision in an unexpected or difficult situations keeping in mind the lives of passengers onboard a flight.

Educational Qualification for a Career in Civil Aviation
An aspirant aiming at joining the Indian Aviation Industry should have an educational qualification of intermediate or to pursue a career as a professional then a professional bachelor’s degree is necessary. A candidate must have qualified Class 12 or equivalent qualification with a minimum of 50% marks.
However, there are some constraints if a candidate is seeking a technical role then having a degree, diploma or certification would be an added advantage. These educational qualifications are;
BBA in Airport Management
Diploma in Airport Management
Commercial Pilot Training
Air-Hostess Training and Certification
Diploma in Air-Hostess Training
Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
Diploma in Cabin CrewDiploma in Flight attendant training and others.
Roles to Pursue in Aviation Industry in India
Aircraft Electrical Installer
Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer
Airline Pilot
Airport Operations Manager
Air Traffic Controller
Quality Control Personnel
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Cabin Crew
Top Civil Aviation Recruiters in India
IndiGo Airline
Air India
Spice Jet
AirAsia India
Alliance Air

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