‘Choose between Cong’s communal violence, BJP’s security’: Amit Shah in Gujarat


The people of Gujarat have to choose between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who made the state safe, and the Congress, who plunged it into communal violence, Union home minister Amit Shah said on Monday while addressing an election rally in Gir Somnath district.

Shah on Monday held rallies at Jam Khambhalia in Dwarka, Kodinar in Gir Somnath, Mangrol in Junagadh and later in the evening at Bhuj, Kutch.

“Remember, you have to choose between Narendra Modi and the BJP government, who made Gujarat safe and Congress who plunged Gujarat into communal violence. Gujarat’s development was stalled due to communal violence (during the Congress rule),” he said at Kodinar.

“During the Congress’s rule, out of 365 days, around 250 days were spent in curfew and hundreds of dead bodies were received. During the Congress time, the entire coastal belt of Saurashtra was flourishing with smuggling,” the home minister said.

“The BJP at the time formed ‘Gunda virodhi samities’ everywhere. After the BJP came to power where did these ‘Gunda’ vanish from Saurashtra, nobody knows. Today the entire coastal belt is secure, safe and clean,” he added.

“I have seen with my own eyes boards displaying, ‘the Porbandar border starts here and the law and order border ends here.’ Even today the Gujarat website displays the notification of the incident of closing down of Porbandar jail,” he further said.

While speaking at Dwarka, Shah said, “In 2005, Narendra Modi sat on a fast for forcing the the UPA central government to raise the Narmada dam heighto utilise hundreds of liters of water, which was wasted, through the SAUNI scheme. The Congress’s entire strength lies in casteism and in caste based politics. During Congress’s rule in the state, the industries in Gujarat were dying, but after the BJP came to power the industrial growth was resurrected.”

“After the abrogation of Article 370 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,there has been peace in the Jammu and Kashmir. Before that, during the 10 years of Sonia-Manmohan Singh government, any ‘Alia Maliya or Jamalia’ from Pakistan used to enter our borders and behead are soldiers and ‘Mauni Baba’ didn’t utter a word. Within 10 days of the Pulwama attack, our PM Narendra Modi ordered an air strike,” he said.

“This Congressia used to poke fun at the BJP for the dates of Ram Mandir construction. They used to say ‘Mandir vahin banaenge, lekin tithi nahin bataenge.’ I challenge Rahul Baba to book tickets for January 1st 2024 and go and visit Ayodhya, where he will find a grand Ram temple touching the skies. Since Babar destroyed the temple, no one dared to touch the place, but Narendra Modi carried out the ‘Shilanyas’ of the grand temple to be built there,” he added.

“Similarly, since Aurangzeb destroyed the Kashi Vishwanath temple, Baba Vishwanath was all alone and the people who wanted to do the ‘Jal Abhishek’ had to circumvent around 14 km to reach there. Narendra Modi made the grand Kashi Vishwanath corridor, giving an easy access to the temple….. all these things are only possible under the Modi Sarkar,” Shah further said.

Referring to the demolition carried out in the Saurashtra’s coastal areas, Shah said, “Bet Dwarka was cleansed of illegal structures. I congratulate Harsh Sanghvi and the Gujarat government for removing all such encroachments. The Congress can never do such work. The Congress is a party of NGOs.”

“When I see Congress’s banner displaying ‘Work speaks’… I laugh. Which work? You (Congress) are out of power for 32 years from 1990 to 2022. where did the work come from when you are not in power?” asked Shah.

Shah’s schedule has one more public rally at Bhuj, Kutch later in the evening today.

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