iCloud On Windows Showing Photos And Videos From Other People For Users


Last Updated: November 22, 2022, 13:29 IST

iCloud on Windows causing some issues for users

iCloud on Windows causing some issues for users

Many users have complained about their videos being corrupt during the transfer and also seeing random content in their library.

If you are using iCloud on Windows and you are seeing content like photos and videos that don’t belong to you, then you are not alone. Many Apple users have complained about this strange and concerning issue this week, where they have videos from strangers showing up in the iCloud library.

This issue seems limited to iCloud on Windows, and we are not sure if this is a problem for Apple or Microsoft to fix. Users sharing their concerns have talked about some videos imported from iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models showing up with scan lines and blackened videos, suggesting the content might have been corrupted.

Either there is a sync issue while the content is uploading on iCloud, or some bug in the cloud platform is affecting the videos imported from these iPhone models.

In addition to this, people are also seeing videos and photos that have randomly been added to their iCloud library.

The problem is being reported by any iCloud user on Windows, which hints that Apple might be facing server-side issues. Reports suggest there is a problem when some particular files are being handed over from iCloud to the Windows platform for rendering. We don’t have clear details about the problem at hand, but we are hoping that Apple will be looking into the matter after all these complaints and fix the problem with Microsoft at the earliest.

Apple continues to hear user feedback and try to fix most of the issues with a software update, and looking at the issue at hand, it is possible that the company will be releasing an update to fix the issue for iCloud users.

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