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Roti and rice are staple foods for many of us and we do not think twice before including it in our daily diet. White rice is abundantly consumed in many parts of the country and although it isn’t considered an unhealthy food, eating too much of refined grains like white rice can lead to many health issues including risk of heart diseases. A recent study found that eating too many refined grains is just as bad for your heart as eating too much Halloween candy, reported Daily Mail. So, if you are a rice lover, it’s high time that you control your portions to avoid any future health trouble. (Also read: White rice and diabetes are not natural fits. Keep these diet tips in mind)


Cardiologists say that while sugar is considered the top enemy for your heart, people who overeat rice are at an equal risk of getting a heart disease. So, people who eat too many candies or too much rice should watch out their heart health.

“Eating too many refined grains is a known risk factor for premature coronary artery disease (PCAD), a leading cause of death worldwide. The detriment it carries is no less than eating unhealthy sugars and oils found in sweet treats,” says Dr Ankur Phatarpekar, director at Cath Lab, Cardiologist, Symbiosis Hospital, Mumbai

The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association reveals that while eating whole grains keeps you healthy by reducing the risk of heart disease, a high intake of refined grains is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.


“When whole grains are refined into fine flour or meal, it gives a palatable texture and a longer shelf life, but at the cost of losing some of the key nutrients. Our body rapidly breaks down refined grains, including white rice, since they are without the fibre coat. It leads to a higher post-meal spike in blood sugar levels. Over time, high blood sugar results in a chronic low-grade inflammatory milieu that can damage blood vessels and the nerves that control the heart, causing plaques to form in the artery walls resulting in PCAD,” says Dr Phatarpekar.

Include whole grains instead in your diet to keep your heart healthy and safe.

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