Split Keyboard Now Coming To Android Tablets With This Version


Last Updated: May 16, 2023, 16:12 IST

Split keyboard for Android should help with typing

Split keyboard for Android should help with typing

The new feature was first introduced on foldables and now Google is offering it for Android tablets with these versions.

Android tablets are still some way off becoming the ideal iPad competitor but Google seems to be heading in the right direction with support for split keyboard now coming to tablets as well. Google definitely has its focus on the tablets, illustrated by the launch of the Pixel Tablet earlier this month and also bringing a Pixel foldable to make things interesting for the consumers.

The foldables have already got the support, and now tablets are getting their due as well. Google has mentioned that Android 12L was built for such devices and the future Android versions promise to focus on these large scale form factors.

Bringing a split keyboard shows that the company means business. But does the feature work to make Android tablets better? It works similarly to the foldable version, and is not enabled by default.

You will have to go to the keyboard settings of the device and select the split keyboard layout to try using it on the slate. You might notice some of the keys are there on both the screens while the space bar has been stretched to fit the aspect ratio of a tablet.

Features like these help Android mature for tablets but it is funny to even say it more than decade after the first Android-powered tablet came out. No wonder Apple has a clear lead in this segment.

Make no mistake, performance of the Android tablets are not the problem, you go through any tablet review, and most of them will talk about the ineffective software that is plaguing the growth and evolution of Android tablets. Google seems to be finally ready to take Android for tablets seriously and we are hopeful the results show up in good light in the near future.

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