Anupamaa Shattered By Chhoti Anu’s Unexpected Behaviour In Latest Episode


Anupamaa visits Shah House to attend Satyanarayan pooja. (Credits: Instagram/rupaliganguly)

Anupamaa visits Shah House to attend Satyanarayan pooja. (Credits: Instagram/rupaliganguly)

Seeing chhoti Anu, Anupamaa turns extremely emotional and tells her that she missed her.

Ever since its release in 2020, Rupali Ganguly’s Anupamaa has captured the hearts of the audience and emerged as a firm favourite. The show has rightfully claimed a prominent position on the TRP charts, thanks to its intriguing plot twists. The latest episode has become the talk of the town as it begins with an engaging conversation between Anupamaa and Bhairavi about the Gurukul. During their discussion, Anupamaa remembers that she has to visit the Shah House to attend the Satyanarayan Pooja, where she might unexpectedly come across Anuj. The mere thought of encountering him leaves her in a state of confusion.

As Anupamaa headed towards the Shah House, her footwear slipped off her feet after someone stepped on it. To her dismay, the crowd began unintentionally stamping on her fallen shoe. However, the unexpected turn of events took a different direction as Anuj entered the scene and kindly assisted her in putting her footwear back on. This moment triggered memories of their initial encounter at a party, evoking a wave of emotions for both Anupamaa and Anuj. Overwhelmed by the unexpected reunion, they were rendered speechless and deeply moved by each other’s presence.

While the two were taking their time to digest their meeting, Chhoti Anu arrived on the spot, as she was looking for her father, Anuj. Anupamaa, on meeting her daughter, turns teary-eyed. She was heard expressing to Chhoti Anu that she misses her a lot. But what comes as a surprise for the fans was Chhoti Anu’s behaviour towards Anupamaa.

When Anupamaa confronted Chhoti Anu about her unexpected behaviour, she was left shattered by the abrupt and dismissive response. Chhoti Anu simply replied that everything was fine, referring to Anuj as her father and Maaya as her mom. Anupamaa composed herself and made her way inside the hall, concealing her pain from others.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa and Samar had requested Kaavya to join them for the gathering. Upon her arrival, Kaavya greeted everyone with a smile but purposely avoided any interaction with Vanraj. In an unexpected turn of events, Vanraj and Kaavya found themselves in a room together, and to everyone’s surprise, they had a cordial conversation without any lingering animosity from the past.

In the upcoming episode, Anupamaa will have an encounter with Baa, who will raise probing questions about Anuj and Maaya’s marital status. The situation takes an intriguing twist when Maaya takes a seat beside Anuj during the Satynarayan Pooja. The turn of events leaves everyone pondering the nature of their relationship and the underlying secrets that may be unravelling.

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