Emotional Encounter Between Anu And Anuj Grips Viewers


 Anupamaa’s latest promo teases a major twist. (Credits : Instagram)

Anupamaa’s latest promo teases a major twist. (Credits : Instagram)

The next episode could reveal the truth behind Maya’s unpredictable behaviour.

In a recent episode of Anupamaa, the long-awaited encounter between Anu (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) unfolds, bringing forth a mix of emotions. As the two engage in a heartfelt conversation, Anuj feels proud of Anupamaa when he learns about her upcoming journey to America. As they continue their discussion, the scene takes a sudden turn as Maya’s unpredictable behaviour takes centre stage. The moment between Anupamaa and Anuj gets abruptly interrupted, leaving the audience with unanswered questions.

The new promo of the show teases a major twist in the storyline. Anuj and Anupamaa cross paths in the market, where he reveals a shocking truth about Maya. As the scene unfolds, their emotional chat concludes with a heartfelt hug, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next development in their story.

The clip left viewers excited about whether Anupamaa and Anuj will reunite. On the other hand, some social media users have accused the show’s creators of unnecessarily extending the storyline.

Reacting to the recent episode, a user wrote, “Whether it’s Anupamaa fans, Anuj Kapadia fans or MaAn fans, all should take a break from all these hashtags unanimously. We all can have different PoVs but we all want positivity & we must not let go the way this show is insulting relations & culture. Makers must get a lesson now.”

A third person commented, “He was so proud of his lady. All he ever wanted was her to fly high, dream big and get respected by these so called idiots. DKP stop ruining the best of what you have. Don’t show him as a hurdle but as a hope please.”

“Looking at the past I know Anuj ka Mumbai mein rehne ka koi stupid reason hi dikhayenge writers. But this man has given his best, I hope to justify his acting at least we will get some sensible reason why he stayed back and the way he is right now (I know the writers will show some silly reason about why Anuj stayed in Mumbai, but I hope there is some logical reason given for his decision),” wrote another user.

The next episode will reveal the truth behind their encounter and whether Anuj has indeed told Anupamaa the reason behind his decision to stay with Maya.

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