A J-pop band’s favourite live music experiences in Tokyo


YOASOBI, a popular J-pop duo from Japan, has taken the music world by storm with their unique sound. In this article, we’ll dive into Tokyo’s dynamic music landscape through the eyes of YOASOBI’s members, Ayase and Ikura. From bustling streets to iconic venues, Tokyo offers a plethora of experiences for music enthusiasts to enjoy.

Discovering Shibuya:
Shibuya is a bustling district known for its vibrant energy and diverse music scene. Ayase and Ikura recommend exploring Shibuya on foot to soak in the hottest trends in music. The district is filled with live performances, street musicians, and iconic landmarks like the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Visitors can experience the pulse of Tokyo’s music culture by immersing themselves in Shibuya’s dynamic atmosphere.

Live Music at Shibuya gee-ge:
For live music enthusiasts, Shibuya gee-ge is a must-visit venue. This intimate space hosts a variety of shows, ranging from singer-songwriters to experimental artists. With its cozy ambiance and high-quality audio system, Shibuya gee-ge provides an immersive experience for music lovers. Ikura, who has performed at the venue, recommends it for discovering new talent and enjoying intimate performances.

The Legacy of Nippon Budokan:
Nippon Budokan holds a special place in Japan’s music history. Originally built as a martial arts hall, Budokan has become synonymous with iconic concerts and legendary performances. YOASOBI had the opportunity to perform at Budokan, fulfilling a dream for the duo. The venue’s octagonal design and rich musical heritage make it a coveted location for both local and international artists.

Outdoor Performances at Inokashira Park:
Inokashira Park offers a picturesque setting for outdoor music performances. Located in Western Tokyo, this scenic park is a favorite spot for buskers and artists. Ikura recalls her early days as a street performer in the park, where she developed her passion for music. With its tranquil atmosphere and cultural significance, Inokashira Park is a hidden gem for music enthusiasts.

Exploring Koenji’s Alternative Scene:
Koenji is renowned for its alternative music scene and counterculture vibe. This creative hub is home to vintage shops, music bars, and live houses, making it a haven for indie artists and musicians. Ayase recommends exploring Koenji Station area for an authentic taste of Tokyo’s underground music scene. From indie rock to punk, Koenji offers a diverse range of musical experiences for adventurous listeners.

Nightlife in Dogenzaka Street:
Dogenzaka Street in Shibuya is synonymous with Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife and club culture. With a plethora of clubs and entertainment spaces, Dogenzaka Street caters to a diverse range of musical tastes. Ayase highlights Club Asia, a longstanding institution in Shibuya known for its eclectic music lineup. Whether you’re into hip hop, EDM, or alternative music, Dogenzaka Street has something for everyone.

Tokyo’s music scene is a vibrant tapestry of sounds, experiences, and cultural influences. Through the eyes of YOASOBI, we’ve explored some of the city’s most iconic destinations for music enthusiasts. From bustling streets to intimate venues, Tokyo offers a diverse array of experiences for music lovers to enjoy. Whether you’re discovering new talent at Shibuya gee-ge or vibing to beats in Dogenzaka Street, Tokyo’s music scene promises something for everyone to enjoy.


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