Atlantic Technology unveils its latest flagship speakers, the 8600i Series.


In the past year, we’ve explored a range of headphone and earbud offerings from Atlantic Technology. However, their product lineup extends beyond just headphones to include subwoofers, soundbars, wireless smart multiroom systems, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, and traditional passive speakers.

One notable offering in their traditional passive speaker category has been the 8600e series, which has been a staple of Atlantic Technology’s loudspeaker lineup since 2020. Now, it’s time for an upgrade.

Introducing the latest additions to the 8600 series, the 8600i models. These new speakers feature a refreshed design for a sleek appearance and incorporate advanced technology for optimal sound performance.

The initial entries in the 8600i series include the 8600iLR tower speaker and the 8600iC center channel speaker.

Key Features: The 8600i models feature internally braced non-resonant MDF cabinets with rounded edges for a modern aesthetic. Painted front and rear baffles replace the previous vinyl covering, offering an elegant update and minimizing unwanted resonances. The bowed shape of the perforated metal grille reduces diffraction issues, resulting in more accurate sound reproduction. The grille attaches magnetically to the cabinet, providing a seamless look and protecting the drivers. Retaining features from previous models, such as the proprietary Low-Resonance Tweeter (LRT™), ensures smooth blending of radiation coverage angles from woofer to tweeter. Adjustable settings, including a High-Frequency Energy Switch, Location Selector Switch, and Boundary Compensation Control, allow customization to suit different room acoustics and speaker placements.

8600iLR Tower Speaker: The 8600iLR serves as a versatile tower speaker suitable for left and right channel applications or even as surround speakers in a home theater setup. It features both feet and spikes on the base for stability on various floor surfaces. An improved motor design for the woofers enables deeper bass, increased output, and improved linearity. The speaker’s frequency response extends down to 30Hz (±3dB), and the crossover design has been enhanced for greater precision. The tweeter and midrange drivers are positioned higher to align with the listener’s ear height, and they are mounted on a brushed aluminum plate baffle, available in aluminum or anthracite finishes.

8600iC Center Channel Speaker: The 8600iC shares many design elements with the 8600iLR, including the same midrange, tweeter, and baffle design. However, it features dual 8-inch woofers instead of four, offering seamless integration and acoustical matching across all speakers in the series.

Availability & Pricing: Both the 8600iLR and 8600iC are available in high-gloss lacquer finishes of gloss white or black. The suggested retail prices are $6,000 per pair for the 8600iLR and $2,000 each for the 8600iC. These models are now available directly from Atlantic Technology.


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