Caitlin Clark expresses admiration for Dan Hurley and is pleased that he’s remaining at UConn, noting his positive impact.


In their recent matchup against the Connecticut Sun, Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever faced a tough challenge, ultimately falling short with a final score of 89-72. This defeat marked the third loss for the Fever against the Sun this season, highlighting the formidable strength of one of the WNBA’s top teams.

The Fever’s struggles against the Sun continued from the beginning of the season, where they experienced a 21-point loss in Connecticut. Despite a home-court advantage in Indiana, the Fever couldn’t secure a victory, succumbing to the Sun with a narrow 88-84 defeat. This pattern of losses underscores the formidable challenge posed by the Sun for the Fever throughout the season.

For Caitlin Clark, the standout rookie for the Fever, the recent game against the Sun proved to be a challenging one. After an impressive performance against the Washington Mystics, where she scored 30 points in a victorious effort, Clark was unable to replicate her success against the Sun. Held to just 10 points and limited to 22 minutes of play, Clark’s impact on the game was notably subdued. Her early departure from the game in the third quarter, due to accumulating fouls, further hindered her ability to contribute to the Fever’s efforts.

Despite the disappointment of the loss, Caitlin Clark found a moment of levity when discussing Dan Hurley, the head coach of the UConn men’s basketball team. Hurley’s decision to decline an offer to coach the Los Angeles Lakers in favor of remaining with UConn sparked Clark’s admiration and appreciation.

Upon hearing about Hurley’s decision, Clark expressed her respect for the coach’s dedication to his team and the college basketball program. She commended Hurley’s coaching style, noting his intensity and ability to hold players accountable, traits that she deeply admires. Clark’s remarks highlight her appreciation for coaches who prioritize player development and accountability, recognizing the long-term benefits of such coaching approaches.

Clark’s admiration for Hurley extends beyond his coaching abilities, as she also appreciates his commitment to college basketball and the impact he has on his players. She acknowledges Hurley’s passion for the game and his desire to nurture and empower young athletes, qualities that resonate with her own experiences as a rising star in the WNBA.

As Clark reflects on Hurley’s decision to remain in college basketball, she acknowledges the significance of his choice and the positive influence he continues to have on his players and the broader basketball community. Her admiration for Hurley and his program reflects a deep appreciation for the values and principles he embodies as a coach and mentor.

In conclusion, Caitlin Clark’s recent game against the Connecticut Sun showcased the challenges faced by the Indiana Fever against a formidable opponent. Despite the loss, Clark found inspiration in Dan Hurley’s decision to remain with UConn, expressing admiration for his coaching style and commitment to player development. Her remarks highlight the impact of coaching on athlete development and the importance of mentorship in shaping young athletes’ careers. As Clark continues to make her mark in the WNBA, she draws inspiration from leaders like Hurley who exemplify dedication, integrity, and passion for the game.


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