Canada has initiated the evacuation of vulnerable citizens from Haiti.


Canada has initiated the evacuation of Canadians from Haiti amid escalating gang violence, prioritizing the safety of vulnerable individuals, announced Foreign Minister Melanie Joly on Monday. Departures from Haiti have surged recently amidst the country’s uncertain political landscape, marked by the expanding control of armed gangs over the capital and surrounding areas. The ongoing conflict has resulted in numerous casualties and forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. The situation intensified this month with a series of attacks, including raids on police stations and the international airport, leading to the suspension of commercial flights.

Recognizing the deteriorating security conditions, Joly emphasized the challenges faced by those seeking to leave due to the precarious situation at the Port-au-Prince airport. Canada’s initial response involves facilitating travel to the neighboring Dominican Republic, prioritizing vulnerable Canadians such as individuals requiring medical assistance or families with young children. Approximately 30 Canadians who are prepared to travel, possessing the necessary documentation, have already expressed their intention to depart.

Additionally, Canadian authorities are exploring alternative departure options for family members of citizens and permanent residents, further underscoring their commitment to ensuring the safety of all Canadians affected by the crisis. Meanwhile, the United States initiated its evacuation efforts from Haiti last week, utilizing helicopter flights to transport citizens out of the country. The U.S. State Department has organized multiple evacuation flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday to facilitate the departure of American citizens from Haiti.

The evacuation efforts by both Canada and the United States reflect the gravity of the situation in Haiti and the urgent need to safeguard the lives of individuals at risk amidst escalating violence and instability. As the crisis unfolds, governments continue to work diligently to provide assistance and support to their citizens affected by the unfolding events in Haiti.


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