Children among eight dead in Russian strike on Dnipropetrovsk region


Two Russian airstrikes in Ukraine’s central Dnipropetrovsk region resulted in the deaths of eight people, including two children. One attack targeted the main city of Dnipro, hitting a train station and a five-story building, while the other struck homes in Synelnykove, further east. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized the importance of cities having adequate air defenses following the attack.

In a separate incident, Ukraine claimed to have shot down a long-range Russian bomber for the first time. The airstrikes in Synelnykove killed six people, including an eight-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, with several others injured. The attack in Dnipro resulted in two deaths and 19 injuries, including a railway worker. Rescue efforts are ongoing, with concerns that the number of casualties may increase.

Ukraine has been facing a shortage of weapons capable of defending against Russian missiles and drones, prompting calls for urgent military aid from NATO. Meanwhile, a $60.8 billion US military aid package has been stalled in Congress, but there are efforts to bring it to a vote soon.

In a significant development, the Ukrainian air force reported bringing down a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, which had launched a missile strike on Ukraine before crashing in Russia’s Stavropol region. This follows a pattern of Ukrainian forces targeting Russian military aircraft, including a previous incident in January.

The Tu-22M3 bomber is known for carrying Kh-22 missiles used in attacks on Ukrainian cities. The recent downing of two Kh-22 missiles marks a significant achievement for Ukraine’s air defense capabilities. Despite Russia attributing the bomber’s crash to technical issues, the incident underscores the escalating tensions between the two countries.


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