Climate change education needs review, say experts


Education experts say that learning about climate change should be a big part of what students learn in school. They think it’s important for students to know about climate change and how to deal with it.

According to Cambridge University Press & Assessment, which is a big education organization, teaching about climate change isn’t given enough attention in schools. They want the next UK government to have someone who knows a lot about climate change to review what students are learning in school and make it better.

Christine Özden, who is in charge of climate education at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, says that just teaching about climate change in geography class isn’t enough. She thinks that students of all ages should learn about it so they can understand the problem better and maybe even find jobs in industries that help the environment.

A survey done by the university found that many adults in the UK think that teaching about climate change will help students get jobs in the “green economy,” which means jobs that help the environment. It also found that a lot of teenagers think that learning more about climate change in school will help them make better choices about things like travel, food, and energy.

Some teenagers even said that they don’t learn enough about climate change in school. They want it to be part of other subjects, like humanities and languages, not just geography.

More than 70% of the people surveyed in the UK think that focusing more on climate change in schools will help students understand how to deal with it better.

There are some changes happening already. For example, there will be a new GCSE subject called Natural History starting in 2025 that will have more about the environment.

Mike Berners-Lee, who wrote a book about climate change, says that schools need to teach about climate change in every subject, not just geography. He thinks that students need to learn how climate change affects everything in society.


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