Comer reveals White House physician’s involvement in Biden family deals


Chairman James Comer has called for White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor to appear before Congress to address concerns about President Biden’s fitness to lead, amidst revelations of O’Connor’s involvement in Biden family business dealings. In a letter obtained by Fox News Digital, Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, underscored the need for clarity on whether O’Connor’s professional assessments of the president might have been compromised by his ties to the Biden family.

The issue arose following a highly scrutinized debate performance by President Biden against former President Donald Trump on June 27, prompting widespread media coverage and renewed public scrutiny of Biden’s health. Comer’s letter points to growing public concern about Biden’s cognitive abilities and questions whether O’Connor’s medical evaluations have been unduly influenced.

Comer referenced O’Connor’s February assessment that deemed President Biden a “healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.” Despite this assessment, Comer highlighted reports indicating that O’Connor did not recommend a cognitive test for Biden, raising further questions about the thoroughness and independence of his medical judgments.

The Oversight Committee’s interest in O’Connor’s role intensified upon discovering his association with Americore Health, LLC, a company involved in managing rural hospitals. This connection became pertinent due to investigations into Biden’s brother, James Biden, who allegedly received substantial payments from Americore. These payments, totaling over $600,000, included a $200,000 wire transfer in 2018, which James Biden purportedly labeled as a “loan repayment” to his brother, President Biden.

James Biden’s involvement with Americore has been contentious, with allegations that he leveraged his family name to secure financial advantages for the company, particularly from sources in the Middle East. Testimony revealed that O’Connor had provided counsel to James Biden regarding his activities with Americore, further complicating perceptions of O’Connor’s impartiality in his medical role within the White House.

Comer emphasized the need for transparency regarding O’Connor’s dual roles and their potential implications for presidential fitness evaluations. He underscored concerns that O’Connor’s professional judgment might have been influenced by personal and business relationships with the Biden family, compromising the objectivity required for his medical assessments of the president.

The scrutiny extends beyond O’Connor’s involvement with Americore to include his interactions with Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, in meetings related to hospital acquisitions. These interactions, along with O’Connor’s advisory role to James Biden on healthcare matters, raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and the appropriateness of O’Connor’s continued service as the White House physician.

Amidst conflicting statements from the White House about the president’s recent medical examinations, Comer highlighted discrepancies between official assertions and Biden’s own remarks to Democratic governors, where he reportedly assured them of his good health. This disparity underscores the Committee’s determination to ascertain the true extent of O’Connor’s current role and his capacity to deliver impartial health assessments under the circumstances.

Comer’s letter reflects broader concerns within the Oversight Committee about the integrity of White House operations and the credibility of its medical evaluations, particularly in light of ongoing political and familial entanglements. The Committee seeks clarity not only on O’Connor’s professional conduct but also on the broader implications for presidential accountability and transparency.

Committee aims to provide the public with a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing presidential health assessments and the measures needed to ensure their independence and accuracy. The outcome of this inquiry could have significant ramifications for future presidential administrations and the standards governing the medical oversight of executive leadership in the United States.

The chairman James Comer’s call for Dr. Kevin O’Connor’s testimony underscores critical questions about President Biden’s health evaluations and their potential vulnerabilities to external influences. The investigation seeks to safeguard the integrity of presidential fitness assessments while addressing concerns raised by O’Connor’s connections to the Biden family’s business activities.


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