Coronavirus: High cholesterol, anxiety, weight gain in young people might be an indicator of long COVID, says Lancet study


It is because it was traced long after it actually affected people. Health experts have recently started realising the long term burden thrown by the COVID infection. In December 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed this condition and termed it post-COVID condition.

“Post COVID-19 condition, also known as “long COVID,” refers collectively to the constellation of long-term symptoms that some people experience after they have had COVID-19. People who experience post COVID-19 condition sometimes refer to themselves as “long-haulers”, the WHO had said in a statement.

“While most people who develop COVID-19 fully recover, some people develop a variety of mid- and long-term effects like fatigue, breathlessness and cognitive dysfunction (for example, confusion, forgetfulness, or a lack of mental focus and clarity). Some people also experience psychological effects as part of post COVID-19 condition,” it had warned people.

On the long term impact of COVID, Dr Manoj Singh, Senior critical care specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad says: The most important findings of this study are development of high cholesterol due to weight gain and subsequent poor exercise tolerance. We have also documented the impact of Cardio-respiratory Rehabilitation in our study (in review in National Chest Journal) of similar Post Covid patients in Ahmedabad. The common message is after any infectious illness, timely rehabilitation/exercises under expert consultation and a good diet will prevent you from developing metabolic disorders like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity in young age groups.

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