Deaths in Brazil Floods Rise to 107, Horse Rescued From Rooftop


Severe flooding in southern Brazil has led to a tragic loss of life, with the death toll now at 107, according to civil defense officials. Rescue operations are ongoing as authorities assess the extent of the damage in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In a heartwarming moment amidst the devastation, rescuers managed to save a horse that had been stranded on a rooftop for two days in a flooded town. However, the threat of more rain in the coming days raises concerns about further flooding in the state capital of Porto Alegre and nearby areas, where streets have been transformed into rivers.

Currently, 136 people are still missing, and over 165,000 individuals have been displaced from their flooded homes, requiring rescue by boats and helicopters. Television footage captured the remarkable sight of the horse perched on the roof of a farmhouse in Canoas, north of Porto Alegre. Firefighters safely secured the animal and transported it to safety in an inflatable boat.

The floods have caused extensive damage to infrastructure and bridges, making it difficult to access Porto Alegre. The city is facing shortages, with empty supermarket shelves and reports of looting at night.

Governor Eduardo Leite has indicated that initial estimates suggest Rio Grande do Sul will need at least 19 billion reais ($3.68 billion) to rebuild from the destruction. The impact of the floods has also affected agricultural areas surrounding the capital.

Describing the situation as devastating, Governor Leite emphasized the urgent need for support. Meanwhile, the federal government in Brasilia has estimated the fiscal impact of the flooding at 7.7 billion reais ($1.49 billion). This funding will primarily go towards assisting small businesses affected by the floods.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva expressed solidarity with the affected region, emphasizing that the full extent of the state’s needs will only become clear once the floodwaters recede. The government is committed to providing assistance to help Rio Grande do Sul recover from this disaster.


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