Dozens of jurors rejected as they say they cannot be impartial


Dozens of possible jurors have been excluded from Donald Trump’s trial in New York because they might not be impartial.

Trump is accused of lying about business records to cover up paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election, which he won.

Out of 96 potential jurors, 60 said they couldn’t be fair during the first day of selection.

Choosing a jury might take up to two weeks because it’s hard to find 12 fair jurors for this unusual case. It involves a big sex scandal with a former president who’s running for the White House again.

“I couldn’t do it,” said one potential juror as she left court.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says Trump told his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to pay Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair. Trump says he didn’t do it.

The jury selection started with people saying if they could be fair. Then, the ones left answered 42 questions about their habits and opinions.

People who had strong feelings about Trump or the case were let go. The rest were asked more questions one by one.

During the day, Trump stayed quiet and spoke only three words to the judge. But outside, he called the trial “nonsense.”

There was a debate about Trump’s posts on social media. The judge might fine him for breaking rules about what he can say.

In court, they talked about what evidence to use. Prosecutors wanted to play a tape of Trump talking about women, but the judge said no. They can talk about it, though.

Trump was cheered by supporters outside court, but some people want him to be convicted.

This trial is just one of four Trump is facing. But it might be the only one before the 2024 election, where he could run again.

If he’s found guilty, Trump could be the first presidential nominee to run as a convicted criminal. But there’s no rule stopping him.

The judge also said Trump has to be in court next week, even if he wants to go to the Supreme Court for another case.


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