Dubai airport re-opens after UAE suffers heavy rain


Operations at Dubai International Airport are in chaos after heavy rains hit the United Arab Emirates and nearby areas.

The storm caused flooding in roads and parts of the airport, disrupting flights and causing widespread confusion.

So far, at least 20 people have died in Oman and one person in the UAE due to the flash floods.

While some inbound flights have resumed, Dubai International Airport, which is a major travel hub, is struggling to function normally.

Passengers are facing long delays, with many unable to travel on their booked flights.

Some passengers have described scenes of chaos at the airport, with check-in and passport control not operating properly.

Authorities at Dubai International Airport have announced the reopening of check-in at Terminal 3 for flights operated by Emirates and flydubai. However, they have warned of long delays due to the large number of travelers waiting to check in.

Passengers have reported confusion and frustration, with some missing their flights despite having confirmed bookings.

The heavy rainfall in the UAE is said to be the worst in 75 years, causing road blockages and further delays in operations at the airport.

Emergency services are working to clear flooded roads and assess people trapped in traffic and homes.

The UAE’s president has ordered a review of the country’s infrastructure affected by the severe weather and has instructed authorities to provide support to affected families.

Despite some improvement in weather conditions, more thunderstorms, heavy rain, and strong winds are forecasted in the region.

Overall, the situation at Dubai International Airport remains challenging, with many travelers facing uncertainty and disruption to their travel plans.


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