Dublin trams running again after power outage


Dublin’s tram network, known as Luas, experienced significant disruptions on parts of its routes due to a power outage. This caused inconvenience for thousands of commuters during the evening rush hour. Here’s a detailed look at what happened and how the situation is being managed.

The Power Outage

The power outage occurred shortly before 5:30 PM local time, leading to the suspension of tram services on the Green Line and a section of the Red Line. Specifically, no trams were running on the Green Line, and service was also halted between Smithfield and The Point on the Red Line.

Impact on Commuters

The outage happened at a peak time when thousands of people rely on the tram service to get home from work. This unexpected halt caused significant inconvenience and forced many to find alternative routes.

Restoration of Services

By around 7:00 PM, services began to be restored. The Red Line returned to normal operation, but the Green Line only had a limited service, and passengers continued to experience delays. Technicians are still working to identify and fix the cause of the power outage to prevent future issues.

Current Situation

As of the latest updates, the Red Line is functioning normally, but the Green Line is still experiencing some delays. Passengers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys.

Alternatives for Commuters

During the disruption, Luas tickets were made valid on Dublin Bus services, allowing passengers to use the bus network without any additional cost. This measure helped alleviate some of the inconveniences caused by the tram service suspension.

Communication and Apologies

Luas used social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), to keep passengers informed about the situation. They provided updates on the service status and apologized for the inconvenience caused by the power outage.

Long-Term Solutions

Technicians are actively working to determine what caused the power outage. Identifying the root cause is crucial for preventing similar incidents in the future and ensuring a reliable tram service for Dublin’s commuters.

Passengers’ Reactions

Many passengers expressed their frustrations on social media, highlighting the importance of the Luas service in their daily routines. The unexpected disruption underscored how critical reliable public transport is for the city.

What Commuters Should Do

For now, passengers should:

  • Check for the latest updates on the Luas website or social media before traveling.
  • Allow extra time for their journeys, especially if they are using the Green Line.
  • Use Dublin Bus services as an alternative if further disruptions occur.


While the power outage caused significant disruption, the swift action by Luas to restore services and provide alternatives for commuters helped mitigate some of the impact. The focus now is on identifying and fixing the issue to ensure such disruptions do not happen again. The situation serves as a reminder of the importance of robust infrastructure and contingency plans in public transport systems.

Detailed Timeline of Events

  1. Pre-Outage: Luas services were operating normally throughout the day.
  2. 5:30 PM: A power outage occurred, causing a complete halt in tram services on the Green Line and a section of the Red Line.
  3. 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Technicians began working to address the outage. During this period, no trams were running on the affected lines, causing significant delays and confusion among commuters.
  4. 7:00 PM: Service on the Red Line was fully restored, while the Green Line resumed limited operations with ongoing delays.
  5. Post-7:00 PM: Technicians continued to investigate the cause of the outage to prevent future occurrences. Passengers were advised to check for updates and allow extra travel time.

Long-Term Measures

To avoid similar incidents in the future, Luas might consider:

  • Upgrading Infrastructure: Investing in more robust and reliable power systems.
  • Regular Maintenance: Conducting frequent checks and maintenance of the electrical systems.
  • Better Communication: Enhancing real-time communication systems to keep passengers informed promptly.
  • Contingency Plans: Developing and refining contingency plans to quickly address and mitigate the impact of any future outages.

By addressing these areas, Luas can enhance the reliability of its services and better serve the needs of Dublin’s commuters.


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