Ex-teammates, Bill Belichick take aim at Tom Brady in roast


Before Tom Brady faces criticism as Fox Sports’ top NFL analyst, he endured a barrage of jokes from comedians, former teammates, and even his coach during a Netflix comedy event. Despite the ribbing, Brady handled it all in stride.

Brady compared the event to a football game, saying he’s used to being teased in the locker room. Comedians like Nikki Glaser called the roast the “comedians’ Super Bowl,” and everyone brought their A-game to outdo each other.

Throughout the roast, Brady faced plenty of jokes, including some about his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. Host Kevin Hart set the tone with jokes about Brady’s brief retirement and his personal life.

One joke that crossed the line for Brady was about Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Despite objecting to the joke, Brady mostly took the teasing in good humor.

Even Brady’s former coach, Bill Belichick, got in on the fun. Belichick and Kraft did a shot together on stage, and Brady even took a playful jab at Belichick’s coaching success.

Other guests, like Rob Gronkowski and Peyton Manning, joined in with their own jokes and jabs at Brady. Manning quipped that roasting Brady was like a Manning family Thanksgiving tradition.

Overall, Brady approached the event with a positive mindset, embracing the opportunity to laugh at himself. Despite the teasing, it was all in good fun, and Brady showed that he can take a joke.


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