Guinness World Records: Nigerian woman paints nails for three days


In northern Nigeria, a young woman named Lisha Dachor has made a remarkable attempt to break the world record for painting the most nails in a short period. Over the course of 72 hours, Lisha diligently painted over 4,000 nails at an events center in Plateau state.

With her trusty nail brush in hand, 19-year-old Lisha worked tirelessly, applying colorful varnish to hundreds of fingernails in shades of blue, pink, and purple. Her marathon endeavor came to an exciting conclusion on Wednesday, leaving many onlookers amazed by her dedication and skill.

According to the rules set by Guinness World Records (GWR), for Lisha’s attempt to be officially recognized, she needed to paint a minimum of 60 fingernails per hour. Now, she eagerly awaits the review of her evidence by GWR to see if she has achieved her goal of setting a new record.

Lisha shared that her motivation for undertaking this challenge was to challenge stereotypes and change the narrative surrounding young mothers like herself. As a single mother, she wanted to inspire hope and show that individuals in similar situations have valuable contributions to make to society.

Having worked as a nail technician for nearly three years, Lisha also aimed to highlight the skills and talents of women from northern Nigeria. She hopes that her record attempt will shine a spotlight on the abilities of women in her community and empower them to pursue their passions and dreams.

Additionally, Lisha sees her endeavor as an opportunity to showcase the beauty and diversity of Plateau state, her home. Plateau, located at the intersection of Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north and largely Christian south, has faced its share of challenges, including insecurity and conflicts between different ethnic and religious groups.

Despite these difficulties, Lisha received widespread support from people of all backgrounds during her record attempt. She believes that Plateau is more than its surface perception and wants to highlight the positive aspects of her region, emphasizing its beauty and the unity among its diverse communities.


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