Haiti PM Ariel Henry resigns as transitional council is sworn in


Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry stepped down on Thursday as a new group took charge amid violent gang activity. The ceremony, originally planned at the National Palace, was moved due to gunfire in the area.

Henry agreed to resign after facing obstacles returning from Kenya, where he sought help to restore law and order. Gangs now control much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, exploiting the chaos after Henry’s departure.

Nine members of a transitional council, including Henry’s finance minister Michel Patrick Boisvert, have been sworn in. Their goal is to restore order and prepare for elections by setting up a new government and electoral commission.

The council’s term will end in February 2026, when a new president is expected to take office. The US and other Caribbean nations support this effort for stability and democracy.

Gunfire near the National Palace forced officials to relocate the ceremony to the prime minister’s office. Gangs had threatened to disrupt it, with one prominent gang leader warning of trouble.

Jimmy Chérizier, also known as Barbecue, leads a powerful gang alliance controlling much of Port-au-Prince. He suggested his group could stop violence if included in future talks about the government.

Haiti has faced severe challenges, with over 1,500 deaths and 800 injuries in the first three months of 2024. Gangs have been accused of brutal violence, making life difficult for aid groups trying to help the population.

Haiti is a Caribbean nation bordering the Dominican Republic, with a population of 11.5 million. It’s been plagued by instability, dictatorships, and natural disasters, including a devastating earthquake in 2010.

The country’s struggles continue after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021, with ongoing unrest and gang violence.


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