Here’s The Exact Time The ‘Fortnite’ Eminem ‘Big Bang’ Event Goes Live And Everything You Need To Know


Fortnite’s massive Eminem ‘Big Bang’ live-event will end the Fortnite OG season and kick off a “new beginning” for the battle royale game.

The live-event is the first we’ve had in quite some time, and brings to an end the most popular—but also shortest—season in Fortnite’s history. Fortnite OG was so popular that over 100 million players hopped into the game during November to try out the original map and weapons. That’s the most engagement Fortnite has ever seen, including when it was in its heyday years ago.

Now the season is drawing to a close. Today, the Big Bang live-event will change everything—though I’m not sure what Epic Games has in mind when they say it’s a “new beginning for Fortnite.”

Chapter 5 Is About To Begin, With Crazy Crossovers

We do know, thanks to leaks, that some of the Chapter 5, Season 1 Battle Pass collaborations include Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Leaks also point to new racing modes, music/rhythm modes and some kind of LEGO mode. We’ll find out soon enough.

But before the next season begins, the Big Bang live-event goes live, featuring none other than rapper Eminem. There are themed skins in the shop before the event, with Rap Boy, Slim Shady and Marshall Never More Outfits going live earlier this week.

Big Bang Live-Event Start-Time

The Big Bang event kicks off Saturday, December 2nd at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Players will be able to login to the event’s pre-lobby 30 minutes ahead of time, which is highly recommended to avoid long queues that could interfere with your ability to get into the game. You can play with friends in parties of up to four people.

If you’re not able to play on your console or PC, Epic notes that you can play via Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce NOW or Amazon Luna on your mobile device as well. You’ll also be able to watch via any number of streamers on Twitch, YouTube and elsewhere.

There’s no word on how long the event will last but plan for a good half hour. Usually there are multiple stages for events like these, with some kind of special mode to mess around in after the show.

Server Downtime

Fortnite servers will go down Saturday starting at 11:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT for the v28.00 update. Most Epic-made Fortnite modes will be down beginning at noon today, though player-made experiences will still be up until downtime begins. This means you won’t have much to do other than the live-event or player content today.

Downtime typically lasts several hours, so it’s likely the new Chapter and Season will kick off in the wee hours Sunday morning, though in the past we’ve also seen complete blackouts with the game going down for days. That seems unlikely here, but not out of the realm of possibility.

See you tomorrow during the Big Bang live-event. If I make it into a game, I’ll post footage (and maybe even stream) on my YouTube channel as well. Stay tuned.

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