Hip-hop magazine criticizes Kamala Harris’ voter appeal at BET Awards.


A journalist contributing to a hip-hop publication, criticized Kamala Harris for what he deemed as attempts to pander to Black voters, much like Hillary Clinton’s efforts before her. Buford suggested that Harris couldn’t genuinely understand the issues facing the Black community.

Buford highlighted that Clinton’s attempts to garner votes from Black voters fell flat, particularly compared to the overwhelming support Barack Obama received. He pointed out how Clinton’s remarks about carrying hot sauce on ‘The Breakfast Club’ did little to endear her to skeptical voters. Buford drew a metaphorical comparison, describing the community’s distrust of Harris’s cultural understanding as akin to a political career being held in a Hulk Hogan-style headlock.

The journalist further critiqued Harris’s background as a former district attorney known for increasing conviction rates, suggesting it conflicted with the ethos of community empowerment celebrated in certain aspects of Black culture, as exemplified in Kendrick Lamar’s music.

Harris faced scrutiny from figures like Henson, who voiced concerns over reproductive rights. Henson criticized the government’s prioritization of gun rights over reproductive health, prompting Harris to advocate for voter mobilization to safeguard freedoms she argued were under attack.

Harris’s remarks at the BET Awards sparked international attention, with journalists like James Macpherson questioning the effectiveness of her administration and Liz Storer accusing Democrats of labeling dissenting views as extremism.

Harris’s tweet accusing Donald Trump of attempting to ban abortion nationwide further stoked controversy, reflecting ongoing debates over reproductive rights and political polarization in the United States.


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