Hong Kong convicts 14 activists of subversion


A Big Trial in Hong Kong

Hong Kong just had a very important court case. Fourteen people who support democracy, including famous activists and ordinary citizens, were found guilty of a serious crime called “subversion.” This is the biggest use yet of a special law created by China, called the National Security Law (NSL).

What is Subversion?

Subversion basically means trying to overthrow a government in a wrong way. In this case, the court said the activists were guilty because they organized an unofficial vote in 2020 to pick candidates for an election. The court worried that if these candidates had won, they might have caused trouble for the government by refusing to pass laws or approve spending plans.

They Just Wanted a Fair Election, Didn’t They?

The activists say they weren’t trying to overthrow the government, they just wanted a fair election where people had a real choice. They believe the NSL is being used unfairly to silence anyone who disagrees with the government.

What Evidence Did the Court Use?

The court used letters and campaign materials found at the activists’ homes and on their devices to support their case. However, two of the accused were found not guilty because the court wasn’t sure they were really part of the plan.

What Happens Next?

The activists who were found guilty could be sentenced to life in prison, though we don’t know yet how long they will actually serve. Many of the other people charged with this crime chose to plead guilty, possibly because they didn’t think they could get a fair trial.

Why is This Important?

This case is a big deal because it shows how much freedom Hong Kong has lost since China took control. Before, there were more protests and people could speak out more freely. Now, people are worried they could be arrested for simply disagreeing with the government.

What Do Other Countries Think?

Many countries, like Australia and those in the European Union, are unhappy with the verdict. They believe the activists were targeted for political reasons and that the NSL is being used unfairly. China, on the other hand, says the law is necessary to keep Hong Kong stable.

What Does the Future Hold?

This case is a big setback for democracy in Hong Kong. It’s unclear how much freedom people will have in the future. However, the fight for democracy is likely to continue, even if it becomes more difficult.

Key Points to Remember:

  • 14 pro-democracy activists were found guilty of subversion in Hong Kong.
  • They were accused of trying to overthrow the government by organizing an unofficial vote.
  • The activists say they were simply trying to have a fair election.
  • This case shows how much freedom Hong Kong has lost in recent years.
  • Other countries are concerned about the use of the NSL, but China defends the law.
  • The future of democracy in Hong Kong is uncertain.


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