‘I could not protect her’: A dad mourns his child killed in the Channel


Ahmed Alhashimi, a 41-year-old father, stood on the beach, consumed by grief and guilt after losing his daughter Sara in a tragic incident off the French coastline near Calais. Ahmed’s family, fleeing from Iraq, faced a devastating ordeal as they attempted a perilous journey across the sea. Here’s a simplified account of their harrowing experience and the challenges they endured.

Ahmed found himself trapped in an inflatable boat with his family and other migrants, struggling to reach safety. The boat was overcrowded, and chaos ensued as they faced suffocating conditions. Ahmed’s desperate attempts to save Sara, his seven-year-old daughter, were met with obstacles, leaving him overwhelmed with sorrow and regret.

Despite Ahmed’s efforts, Sara was crushed in the chaos, along with several other migrants who lost their lives in the ordeal. Ahmed’s anguish was compounded by the realization that he could not protect his beloved daughter. The family’s dreams of finding refuge in Europe were shattered, leaving them shattered and bereaved.

Ahmed’s family had attempted the dangerous sea crossing multiple times, seeking asylum in Europe. Each attempt was fraught with danger and uncertainty, as they faced challenges from both smugglers and authorities. Ahmed’s determination to secure a better future for his children drove him to take desperate measures, despite the risks.

Ahmed’s decision to flee Iraq stemmed from threats and persecution by militia groups in his homeland. Despite his efforts to seek asylum in Europe, he faced rejection and uncertainty. His children’s safety and well-being were his top priority, driving him to embark on the treacherous journey in search of a better life.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Ahmed faced harsh criticism from some who questioned his decision to risk his family’s lives. However, Ahmed’s desperation and sense of hopelessness underscored the challenges faced by many refugees seeking safety and security. His plea for understanding and empathy resonated with those who recognized the plight of asylum seekers.

Sara’s tragic death reverberated across communities in Sweden, where she was remembered fondly by her classmates and teachers. The loss of a bright and beloved child left a profound impact, highlighting the human cost of displacement and forced migration. Despite their grief, Sara’s community rallied to honor her memory and support her grieving family.

In the wake of Sara’s death, Ahmed called for accountability and justice for those responsible for the tragedy. His plea for support and solidarity echoed the struggles of countless refugees and asylum seekers worldwide, who face perilous journeys in search of safety and refuge. Ahmed’s heartbreaking story served as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for compassion and humanitarian action in the face of global displacement crises.

Ahmed’s journey reflects the harsh realities faced by refugees and asylum seekers fleeing conflict and persecution. The loss of Sara and the trauma endured by Ahmed’s family underscore the urgent need for international solidarity and support for those seeking safety and refuge. Their story serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost of displacement and the imperative of compassion and empathy in addressing global migration challenges.


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