Idaho’s ban on youth gender-affirming care has families desperately scrambling for solutions


Families in Idaho with transgender kids are in a tough spot because of a new law. This law bans doctors from giving gender-affirming care to anyone under 18, like hormone treatments or puberty blockers. The law could mean big problems for families who rely on this care to help their kids.

One dad, Joe Horras, says his daughter was much happier after starting this treatment. But now, with the new law, he’s worried about what’s next for her. He’s even thinking about moving out of Idaho to find care for her.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently said Idaho can enforce this law while it’s being challenged in court. This means doctors could get in big trouble if they provide gender-affirming care to minors.

Many families are scared and looking for help. Groups like the ACLU are trying to give them information and support. They’re making sure families know they can still get this care in other states.

But finding care in another state isn’t easy, especially for families who don’t have a lot of money. Some people might even try to change their current prescriptions to make them last longer.

This issue isn’t just in Idaho. Many other states have similar laws. Some people support these laws because they’re worried about the treatments themselves.

But medical experts say gender-affirming care is important for transgender youth. It can help them feel better and lower their risk of depression and suicide.

Despite the challenges, many people are coming together to support transgender youth. They’re fighting against these laws and trying to make sure everyone feels accepted and supported for who they are.


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