In a private House GOP meeting, Trump reportedly slammed the DOJ as “no good bastards” and labeled Biden a “dope,” sources say.


Former President Trump delivered a comprehensive address to House Republicans on Thursday, where he launched scathing criticisms against his political adversaries and lauded his allies. According to sources present at the closed-door meeting, Trump directed particular ire towards the Department of Justice (DOJ), describing them as “dirty, no good bastards.”

During the gathering, Trump reportedly highlighted the numerous legal challenges and prosecutions he has faced, attributing them to attempts to hinder his political career. A GOP lawmaker disclosed to Fox News Digital that Trump underscored how these legal battles had unexpectedly boosted his fundraising efforts and popularity among supporters.

“He said, ‘They had a saying that we’re going to indict this guy into the White House,’” the lawmaker recounted, reflecting Trump’s perspective on the political motivations behind the legal actions.

In addition to his critique of the DOJ, Trump did not spare words for President Biden, whom he labeled as the “worst president in history” and referred to as a “dope,” according to sources familiar with the meeting.

Despite the fiery rhetoric, multiple House Republicans expressed positive sentiments about the meeting, emphasizing that Trump covered a wide range of topics, including military policy, trade relations, and abortion issues.

Rep. Eric Burlison of Missouri conveyed Trump’s concerns about national security, specifically highlighting the presence of Russian warships near Cuba. “What was really on his mind today is the fact that Russia has submarines right off the coast of the United States, and he’s just, he’s really upset… and he should be,” Burlison remarked, underscoring Trump’s strong stance on national defense.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Garcia of California echoed Trump’s criticism of President Biden’s administration, particularly focusing on the White House’s threat to veto the defense policy bill, which includes provisions for a pay raise for military personnel. “That’s a winning issue from a presidential race perspective,” Garcia asserted, noting Trump’s strategic approach to highlighting Biden’s decisions that impact national security and military welfare.

In addition to national security issues, Trump also urged Republicans to refine their messaging on abortion, cautioning that previous electoral losses were partially attributable to ineffective communication on this contentious issue. Two sources familiar with the meeting disclosed that Trump emphasized the importance of presenting a clear and compelling stance on abortion to resonate with voters.

Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana facilitated Trump’s appearance alongside other House GOP leaders, providing a platform for the former president to address key policy concerns and rally support within the Republican ranks.

Overall, Trump’s speech to House Republicans underscored his ongoing influence within the party and his commitment to shaping political discourse ahead of future elections. His criticisms of the Biden administration and the DOJ reflect ongoing tensions within American politics, while his strategic advice on policy issues like military funding and abortion signals his intent to guide the Republican agenda moving forward.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Trump’s interactions with GOP lawmakers serve as a barometer of Republican priorities and strategies heading into critical electoral cycles. His impassioned remarks and strategic insights during the closed-door meeting highlight his determination to remain a central figure in shaping the future direction of conservative politics in the United States.


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