Jesse Plemons denies that Ozempic caused his weight loss.


Jesse Plemons recently addressed the rumors surrounding his significant weight loss, firmly denying that it was due to the use of Ozempic, a popular injectable medication. Instead, the 36-year-old actor explained that his transformation was the result of his decision to prioritize his health.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Plemons shared his frustration with the timing of his health journey coinciding with the rise in popularity of Ozempic. “It’s really unfortunate that I decided to get healthy when everyone decided to take Ozempic,” he said. “It doesn’t matter. Everyone’s going to think I took Ozempic anyways.”

Plemons went on to clarify that his weight loss was actually a natural consequence of aging and a conscious effort to improve his lifestyle. “What it was, was getting older,” he explained, adding that he hesitates to go into detail because it often leads to unnecessary speculation. “There was a part that I did that, in my mind, I could not imagine him as the size that I was,” he said, referring to a role he was preparing for.

Contrary to the rumors, Plemons revealed that his weight loss was achieved through intermittent fasting, a method that alternates periods of eating with periods of not eating. “Several people talked to me about intermittent fasting, and I just gave it a shot and [was] surprised at how quickly it was effective,” he explained.

Plemons detailed how he felt a positive shift both physically and mentally once he began intermittent fasting. “I lost a little bit before I did that part and then felt like I was in the rhythm,” he said. “I was feeling better, and something shifted in my head. I just sort of got a handle on it.”

This revelation was further illustrated by Plemons’ appearance at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, where he walked the red carpet with his wife, Kirsten Dunst. The couple looked radiant, with Plemons in a black tuxedo and Dunst in a chic black dress adorned with a bow in her hair.

Plemons isn’t alone in his choice to avoid Ozempic. Ricki Lake, the 55-year-old actress and talk show host, also turned down the weight loss drug despite pressure from her doctor. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Lake recounted how her doctor insisted she wouldn’t be successful in losing weight without Ozempic. “The doctor was pushing it for people who were overweight,” Lake said. “And he was saying you weren’t going to be successful without it, is what he said to me, really. And I like a challenge. And I like proving people wrong. And so it p—– me off. I just was reluctant, and I wanted to give it a go on my own.”

Like Plemons, Lake chose to follow a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. She embraced intermittent fasting and a keto diet, which focuses on high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods. Lake proudly shared that she has lost over 30 pounds as a result of her efforts. “This is a lifestyle change,” she explained on “GMA.” “I’ve made this my job, and it’s become my joy. Like, I just … I love it. I think it’s safe to say I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Lake’s dedication to her health has brought her immense happiness and fulfillment. “I say, this is what happy looks like,” she said emotionally. “Like this is really – I could cry. I’m so happy. I’m so happy.”

Both Plemons and Lake’s experiences highlight a broader trend among celebrities who are choosing to forgo quick fixes like Ozempic in favor of more sustainable, long-term health practices. Their stories serve as a reminder that significant lifestyle changes and dedication to health can lead to remarkable transformations without the need for medication.

As Plemons continues to thrive in his career and personal life, his journey to better health is a testament to the power of determination and healthy habits. Similarly, Lake’s triumphant weight loss and newfound joy demonstrate the benefits of taking control of one’s health through natural means. Together, their stories offer inspiration and encouragement to those seeking to improve their well-being in a holistic and sustainable way.


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