Jewish mother and family attacked at elementary school graduation by agitators chanting ‘Death to Israel’: report


In a troubling incident at a Brooklyn elementary school graduation, a New York City couple, Lana and Johan, found themselves in a harrowing confrontation with a family shouting pro-Palestinian slogans, as reported exclusively by the New York Post. Lana, who is Jewish, and Johan, who is Dominican-American and Catholic, were attending the graduation of their 10-year-old twins from P.S. 682 in Gravesend on June 14 when the altercation unfolded.

According to Lana, trouble began when they tried to take photos with their children in front of a school banner, only to be confronted by another family associated with a boy wearing a graduation cap adorned with pro-Palestinian symbols. “We told them there was space for both families,” Lana recounted. However, tensions escalated when an older man from the other group unexpectedly shouted “Free Palestine!” at them.

“My husband told him this was not the time or place for that, but the man cursed at him in Arabic and shouted, ‘Free Palestine, Gaza is Ours, Death to Israel,'” Lana explained. She believed their Jewish identity made them targets. When Johan intervened to protect his family, he was allegedly punched in the head by another man who appeared suddenly.

Video footage obtained by the New York Post captured the chaotic scene outside the school, showing multiple individuals involved in altercations on the ground. Johan described feeling overwhelmed as he was put in a chokehold and had his leg restrained amidst the chaos. Lana’s 16-year-old son also tried to intervene but was reportedly punched in the face during the scuffle.

The situation escalated further when Lana herself was knocked to the ground by a woman who threatened her life. “A woman from the group came up from behind me, pulled me by the hair, and knocked me down on the ground, shouting, ‘I will kill you,'” Lana recounted, detailing the traumatic sequence of events.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed elements of the incident to Fox News Digital, stating that Ez-Al Dean Bazar, 26, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. The altercation, according to NYPD spokesperson, involved a verbal dispute escalating into physical violence where the victim sustained injuries to his head and arm.

The assault at P.S. 682 has drawn widespread concern and condemnation, highlighting tensions surrounding geopolitical issues that have spilled over into local communities. The incident underscores broader concerns about rising antisemitism and hate-related violence, prompting calls for increased vigilance and security measures in public spaces.

Community leaders and advocacy groups have voiced solidarity with Lana, Johan, and their family, denouncing the attack as unacceptable and calling for justice. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other organizations dedicated to combating hate have expressed alarm over the incident, emphasizing the need for education and awareness to prevent such acts of violence fueled by bigotry and intolerance.

In response to the incident, local authorities and school officials have pledged to enhance security measures and ensure the safety of students, families, and staff. Discussions are underway to address concerns about safety protocols and community cohesion in the aftermath of this troubling event.

The assault at P.S. 682 serves as a stark reminder of the importance of fostering inclusivity and understanding while condemning acts of hate and violence. It has sparked a broader conversation about the impact of global conflicts on local communities and the imperative to promote dialogue and mutual respect among diverse populations.

As investigations into the incident continue, the affected families are receiving support from local leaders and community members, reaffirming their commitment to standing against prejudice and promoting a climate of tolerance and respect. Efforts to address the underlying issues contributing to such incidents are underway, underscoring the collective responsibility to safeguard communal harmony and ensure justice for victims of hate crimes.

Moving forward, stakeholders are advocating for proactive measures to prevent future acts of violence and discrimination, emphasizing the importance of education, awareness, and community engagement in fostering a culture of acceptance and unity.

The assault at P.S. 682 involving Lana, Johan, and their family has ignited a dialogue on the impact of hate-fueled violence and the imperative to promote peace and understanding in diverse communities. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the ongoing challenges in combating antisemitism and prejudice while underscoring the collective responsibility to uphold values of tolerance, inclusivity, and justice.


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