Larry Ellison’s wealth jumped by $15 billion as Oracle’s shares hit a new all-time high.


Larry Ellison, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle, saw a remarkable surge in his net worth following Wall Street’s enthusiastic response to the software giant’s fourth-quarter earnings report.

According to Forbes, Ellison’s fortune soared by over $15 billion on Wednesday, fueled by optimistic projections shared by Oracle CEO Safra Catz. Catz highlighted expectations of robust demand for artificial intelligence (AI), predicting that this trend would propel Oracle’s sales and revenue growth into double digits throughout fiscal 2025.

As a result of Oracle’s strong performance, Ellison’s net worth climbed significantly, positioning him as the fifth-richest person globally with an estimated fortune of approximately $171.1 billion as of Thursday morning.

Oracle’s shares surged to a record high of $140 earlier this week and maintained stability around this level during Thursday’s trading session. The company’s upward trajectory follows Catz’s announcement that Oracle secured its largest sales contracts ever during the third and fourth quarters, largely attributed to advancements in AI technology. Notable deals included partnerships with OpenAI and expanded multicloud cooperation with Microsoft, among others.

In its fiscal fourth quarter for 2024, Oracle reported revenues of $14.29 billion, marking a 3% increase year-over-year. Despite this growth, net income saw a slight decline of 5% to $3.14 billion. Oracle plans to distribute a dividend of 40 cents per share to eligible shareholders in late July.

Earlier in April, Ellison disclosed Oracle’s plans to establish Nashville as its future global headquarters, relocating from Austin, Texas, where it has been based since 2020.

The substantial increase in Ellison’s wealth underscores the pivotal role of Oracle’s recent strategic initiatives and financial performance in driving investor confidence and market valuation. Oracle’s focus on AI and its expansion into critical partnerships have positioned the company favorably in the competitive landscape of cloud computing and enterprise software.

Ellison, known for his visionary leadership and strategic foresight, continues to play a pivotal role in steering Oracle’s technological advancements and business growth. His entrepreneurial acumen and Oracle’s ongoing innovations are likely to sustain its momentum and influence within the tech industry.

As Oracle remains at the forefront of AI innovation and expands its global footprint, Ellison’s financial gains reflect not only his personal success but also the company’s enduring impact on the technology sector. With continued emphasis on AI-driven solutions and strategic partnerships, Oracle aims to further solidify its position as a leader in enterprise software and cloud computing.

The surge in Oracle’s stock price and Ellison’s wealth highlights the significance of AI technologies in shaping the future of enterprise solutions and underscores the growing investor interest in companies driving innovation and growth in the digital economy.


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