Los Angeles socialite Rebecca Grossman has been sentenced to 15 years to life for a crash that killed two boys.


Los Angeles socialite Rebecca Grossman’s life took a dramatic turn as she was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for a tragic crash that claimed the lives of two young boys. The incident, which occurred on September 29, 2020, shook the community and left lasting scars on the families involved.

Grossman, convicted of second-degree murder and other charges related to the crash, faced the consequences of her actions in a courtroom as the judge delivered the verdict. The victims, Jacob Iskander, 8, and his 11-year-old brother, Mark Iskander, were crossing the street with their mother, Nancy Iskander, and younger brother, Zachary, when tragedy struck. Nancy Iskander managed to pull Zachary to safety but was forced to witness the devastating collision.

During the sentencing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino weighed the severity of the crime against Grossman’s background and character. While rejecting the prosecution’s plea for a 34-year to life sentence, Brandolino acknowledged the profound loss suffered by the Iskander family and the community at large. He noted Grossman’s lack of a criminal record and her history of philanthropy but also condemned her “incredibly selfish behavior” following the crash.

Despite the judge’s ruling, the prosecution highlighted Grossman’s disregard for human life and the grave consequences of her reckless actions. Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón expressed the office’s commitment to seeking justice for the victims and their loved ones. The pursuit of justice extended beyond the courtroom as prosecutors advocated for a sentence that reflected the severity of the crime.

The circumstances surrounding the crash revealed troubling details about Grossman’s behavior. With prescription drugs and alcohol in her system, Grossman, accompanied by her boyfriend, former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, engaged in a dangerous race on the road. Both were driving Mercedes-Benz SUVs at speeds exceeding 70 mph, demonstrating a blatant disregard for public safety.

Amidst the legal proceedings, Grossman’s lack of remorse and failure to aid the boys further underscored the gravity of the situation. Despite her claims of innocence, Grossman’s actions spoke volumes, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. The pain inflicted on the Iskander family and the broader community served as a stark reminder of the consequences of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel.

In her defense, Grossman pleaded for understanding, asserting that her suffering and remorse were punishment enough. However, her words fell short in the face of overwhelming evidence and the immeasurable loss endured by the Iskander family. While Grossman may have been a prominent figure in Los Angeles society, her status offered no immunity from accountability for her actions.

As the legal proceedings unfolded, the case garnered widespread attention, sparking discussions about accountability, justice, and the need for stricter enforcement of traffic laws. The tragic loss of Jacob and Mark Iskander served as a sobering reminder of the dangers posed by reckless driving and the devastating impact it can have on innocent lives.

Ultimately, Grossman’s sentencing marked a pivotal moment in the quest for justice, providing a measure of closure for the Iskander family while sending a clear message about the consequences of irresponsible behavior on the road. As the community grappled with the aftermath of the tragedy, efforts to promote road safety and prevent similar incidents gained renewed urgency, ensuring that Jacob and Mark Iskander’s memory would not be forgotten.


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