Louisville PD confirms no bodycam video of Scheffler arrest


Scottie Scheffler, the world’s No. 1 golfer, was arrested early Friday morning near Valhalla Golf Club. This happened just before the PGA Championship, creating a significant buzz in both the sports and news worlds. A key issue that has surfaced from this incident is that the police officer involved, Detective Bryan Gillis, did not have his bodycam turned on during the arrest.

Detective Bryan Gillis of the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) arrested Scheffler outside Valhalla Golf Club. There was significant traffic due to a fatal accident earlier in the morning, which had caused a major backup. An employee of a vendor was struck and killed by a bus while trying to cross the road to Valhalla.

A spokesperson for the LMPD confirmed to ESPN that there was no bodycam footage of the arrest because Detective Gillis’s bodycam was not activated. Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg also mentioned that he wasn’t sure if Gillis was wearing a bodycam, but if he was, it wasn’t turned on. However, there was footage from a fixed camera across the street, which would be released soon.

The LMPD spokesperson stated that the incident is under internal review and will go through the judicial process. They emphasized that all parties involved are cooperating fully, and the department is committed to a thorough investigation.

The LMPD’s standard operating procedures for body-worn cameras (BWC), revised in December 2022, require officers to keep their BWCs in a constant state of readiness. Officers must record all law enforcement activities, such as arrests, stops, pursuits, searches, and other related activities. The procedures specifically state that officers must activate their BWCs before engaging in any law enforcement activities or encounters.

When asked if Gillis should have had his bodycam on during his encounter with Scheffler, the LMPD spokesperson replied that the information available at the time was all they could share.

There are differing accounts of what happened leading up to Scheffler’s arrest. According to the police incident report, Detective Gillis was standing in the middle of the westbound lanes to manage the traffic. Scheffler’s SUV moved into the lanes to bypass the traffic. The report says Gillis, dressed in a full police uniform and a high-visibility yellow reflective rain jacket, tried to stop Scheffler’s vehicle and give instructions.

The report claims that Scheffler did not comply and accelerated forward, dragging Gillis to the ground. Gillis was taken to the hospital for evaluation, suffering from pain, swelling, and abrasions on his left wrist and knee. His pants were also damaged beyond repair.

Scheffler, 27, faces multiple charges:

  • Second-degree assault of a police officer (a felony)
  • Third-degree criminal mischief
  • Reckless driving
  • Disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic

The assault charge is the most serious, being a felony, while the other charges are misdemeanors. Scheffler was booked into jail on Friday morning and released without bail by 8:40 a.m. ET. His arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET.

When asked by a Courier-Journal reporter if the charges against Scheffler would be dismissed, Mayor Greenberg stated that the case is now in the hands of the county attorney and that they would let the legal process play out.

Despite the incident, Scheffler returned to Valhalla to play in the second round of the tournament. He shot a 66 and later described the incident as a “big misunderstanding” and a “chaotic situation.” Scheffler expressed confidence that the matter would be resolved quickly.

Summary of Key Points

  1. Arrest without Bodycam: Scottie Scheffler was arrested without the police officer’s bodycam being activated.
  2. Traffic Accident: The arrest occurred amid a traffic backup caused by a fatal accident.
  3. Disputed Events: There are conflicting accounts of what happened during the arrest.
  4. Internal Review: The incident is under internal review by the LMPD.
  5. Multiple Charges: Scheffler faces several charges, including a felony.
  6. Ongoing Investigation: The case is moving through the judicial process, with all parties cooperating.
  7. Scheffler’s Statement: Scheffler considers the incident a misunderstanding and believes it will be resolved quickly.

This incident has garnered significant attention due to the high profile of Scottie Scheffler and the lack of bodycam footage, which raises questions about police procedures and accountability. The upcoming judicial process will likely shed more light on the incident and its implications for all involved.


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