Meet the designer behind Bambie Thug’s Eurovision look


When Bambie Thug steps onto the Eurovision stage on Saturday night, it will be the first time many people see Ireland’s “goth gremlin goblin witch.” Their semi-final performance of “Doomsday Blue” has given fans hope that Ireland, who hasn’t won since 1996, might finally break their Eurovision losing streak. Now, Bambie Thug is one of the favorites to win in Malmö, Sweden.

For Donegal fashion designer Mariusz Malon, who created Bambie Thug’s Eurovision look, the night will also showcase his work to a global audience. “This is bigger than anything I have done before,” he told BBC News NI. Mariusz, originally from Poland, moved to Buncrana in the Republic of Ireland when he was seven years old. He studied fashion at the North West Regional College in Londonderry before moving to Manchester.

Mariusz’s work is very popular with some of the UK’s drag queens, but designing for Bambie Thug has brought his work to a new level. “Bambie and I have been following each other for a while on Instagram,” he said. “They approached me with an aesthetic that was quite witchy, quite old Irish paganism. I know they had liked some of my old designs. We sent ideas back and forth, settled on some things, changed others. What we have is a really amazing outfit, an outfit that starts conversations.”

In the semi-final, Bambie Thug performed inside a candlelit pentagram. During their performance, they removed a dress covered with black feathers to reveal a swimsuit adorned with the transgender flag, a reference to their non-binary identity. Eurovision rules are strict, so nothing can change for Saturday’s final.

Mariusz has been in Malmö all week and spoke to BBC News NI between rehearsals for the final. He said that confidence is growing among the team that Bambie Thug can win. “It’s going to be insane, there are so many Irish fans in Malmö, it has been so encouraging,” he added. “Bambie has been getting so much love.”

So, who is Bambie Thug? They describe themselves as a queer, “ouija popstar,” and use non-binary personal pronouns (they/them). Their Eurovision entry, “Doomsday Blue,” defies traditional genres and will be performed during Saturday evening’s final alongside acts from 25 other countries. On Tuesday evening, Bambie Thug became the first Irish act in six years to qualify for a Eurovision Grand Final. The Cork singer was among 10 acts to qualify from the first semi-final at the Malmö Arena.

Bambie Thug’s journey to Eurovision has been remarkable. Their unique style and music have caught the attention of many, and their performance promises to be one of the highlights of the night. Their song “Doomsday Blue” blends spooky and witchy elements with a powerful message, and their stage presence is captivating.

Mariusz Malon’s involvement in creating Bambie Thug’s look is also a significant part of this story. His journey from Poland to Ireland and then to Manchester, where he became a popular designer, shows his dedication and passion for fashion. His collaboration with Bambie Thug has resulted in an outfit that not only looks stunning but also carries a deeper meaning, reflecting Bambie’s non-binary identity and their artistic vision.

The anticipation for the final is high, and Irish fans in Malmö are eagerly waiting to see if Bambie Thug can bring home the Eurovision trophy. The support and love they have received so far are encouraging signs. Mariusz’s confidence in the team’s chances adds to the excitement.

Bambie Thug’s performance in the semi-final was dramatic and memorable. Performing inside a candlelit pentagram and revealing a swimsuit with the transgender flag showed their commitment to delivering a powerful and visually striking performance. Their ability to connect with the audience through their unique style and music is one of the reasons why they are considered favorites to win.

The significance of their outfit, designed by Mariusz Malon, cannot be understated. It is not just a costume but a statement that aligns with Bambie Thug’s identity and message. The collaboration between the artist and the designer has resulted in an outfit that complements the performance and enhances the overall impact.

Mariusz’s journey to this point has been filled with hard work and creativity. Moving from Poland to Ireland at a young age and pursuing his passion for fashion in Manchester has shaped his career. His popularity among UK drag queens is a testament to his talent and creativity. Designing for Bambie Thug has brought his work to a new level, and the exposure from Eurovision is a significant milestone in his career.

As the final approaches, the excitement continues to build. Fans are eager to see if Bambie Thug can break Ireland’s Eurovision curse and bring home the trophy. The support from Irish fans in Malmö and the positive feedback from their semi-final performance are promising signs.

In summary, Bambie Thug’s journey to the Eurovision final is a story of talent, creativity, and determination. Their unique style and music, combined with Mariusz Malon’s stunning outfit, make them strong contenders for the win. The anticipation and excitement surrounding their performance are palpable, and fans are hopeful that they can bring home the Eurovision trophy.


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