Musk aims to attract advertisers back to X following controversial remarks.


Elon Musk urged advertisers to consider returning to X (formerly Twitter) during his speech at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. This annual event gathers top marketing executives worldwide, where Musk addressed concerns about his previous remarks that led to a significant exodus of brands from the platform.

Last November, Musk sparked controversy with his statement telling departing advertisers to “go f— yourself,” which was interpreted as a response to advertisers pressuring X to censor content. At Cannes Lions, Musk clarified that his comment was not aimed at all advertisers but specifically at those advocating for content censorship.

“It wasn’t directed at advertisers as a whole. It was about the importance of preserving freedom of speech,” Musk explained. “A global platform like X should allow a wide range of opinions to be expressed. Some advertisers were insisting on content censorship, which I opposed.”

The controversy erupted when brands pulled advertising from X due to concerns over their ads appearing alongside antisemitic and objectionable content. Musk faced further backlash after seeming to endorse an antisemitic conspiracy theory, which he vehemently denied, asserting he is not antisemitic and did not intend his remarks to be interpreted that way.

To attract advertisers back to X, Musk emphasized the platform’s new advertising features and improved ad targeting capabilities powered by artificial intelligence (AI). He encouraged advertisers who left or have been hesitant to advertise on X to explore these advancements.

“We’ve made significant strides in how we match ads with X users using AI,” Musk stated. “Advertisers can now target their ads more effectively, ensuring they reach audiences who are genuinely interested in their products or services.”

Musk highlighted X as the premier platform for advertisers seeking to connect with influential decision-makers and global leaders. He emphasized X’s unique position in reaching a discerning audience and reaffirmed its commitment to providing a platform where diverse viewpoints can coexist freely.

“X remains the best platform for reaching senior decision-makers and influential individuals worldwide,” Musk asserted. “We are dedicated to maintaining a balance where advertisers can align their brands with compatible content while respecting the diversity of opinions on our platform.”

Looking ahead, Musk reiterated X’s commitment to upholding principles of free speech while accommodating advertisers’ concerns about brand safety. He underscored the importance of transparency and collaboration between X and its advertising partners to foster a mutually beneficial environment.

As Musk continues to navigate challenges and rebuild trust with advertisers, his message at Cannes Lions aimed to reassure the industry of X’s commitment to innovation, ethical practices, and a robust advertising ecosystem. By focusing on technological advancements and aligning with advertisers’ needs, X seeks to regain its position as a trusted platform for digital advertising amidst evolving standards and expectations in the industry.


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