Northeast and Midwest brace for extreme heat and heat dome.


Breaking News: Northeast and Midwest Bracing for Dangerous Heat Wave and Heat Dome

The United States is gearing up for extreme heat in the Northeast and Midwest this week, prompting urgent warnings from health officials to prepare for potentially hazardous conditions.

A significant heat wave has already begun to scorch Southern states, with forecasts indicating temperatures soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in areas where 22 million people reside. Approximately 265 million people will experience temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, with 58 million under heat advisories.

This heat wave follows an early onset in the Southwest, where triple-digit temperatures were recorded last week, contributing to concerns about heat-related deaths. In Phoenix, temperatures reached as high as 112 degrees, well above historical averages but still below record highs from previous years.

Globally, the frequency of extreme heat events has increased, affecting over three-quarters of the world’s population at least once this year. The United States experienced its most heat waves since 1936 last year, particularly impacting the South and Southwest regions.

The National Weather Service warns that the next heat wave will intensify over the central United States on Sunday before spreading eastward. A heat dome, trapping hot air under the atmosphere, is expected to exacerbate conditions throughout the week and possibly into the weekend.

Areas from Texas to Maine are anticipated to experience prolonged extreme heat, with little relief overnight. The heat is forecasted to move swiftly eastward, affecting the Great Lakes and Upper Ohio Valley by Monday and reaching the Northeast by Tuesday.

In the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, temperatures could peak in the mid- to high-90s, coupled with increased humidity making it feel even hotter. Some areas, including northern Maine, may see temperatures near 100 degrees, a rarity for this time of year.

Cities like Pittsburgh are preparing for excessive heat, with temperatures expected to challenge daily records. The Detroit metro area faces its most severe heat wave in over 20 years, with heat indices potentially reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meteorologists advise precautions due to the cumulative effects of prolonged heat exposure, urging residents to stay hydrated, cool, and informed about evolving weather conditions.


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