OpenAI strikes multiyear deal with News Corp. to incorporate its news content.


In a significant move towards collaboration between technology and media, News Corp. has entered into a multiyear agreement with OpenAI. This partnership allows OpenAI to utilize news content from News Corp.’s prominent publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, New York Post, and The Daily Telegraph for training purposes and to provide answers to user queries.

While the specifics of the deal’s duration and value remain undisclosed, estimations suggest it could exceed $250 million over five years. OpenAI’s prior licensing agreements with media giants like The Associated Press, Axel Springer, Prisa Media, Le Monde, and the Financial Times primarily granted access to news content for training purposes. However, the agreement with News Corp. marks a departure, permitting OpenAI to utilize news content directly to address user questions.

This collaboration contrasts with Google’s recent announcement of changes to its search engine, aiming to address queries more directly rather than linking users to news articles. Notably, The New York Times pursued legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft last year, alleging unauthorized use of its journalists’ work for training chatbots.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, views the partnership with News Corp. as a significant milestone for both journalism and technology. He emphasizes the shared vision of fostering a future where AI respects and enhances the standards of quality journalism.

Jason Cuomo, senior vice president for Moody’s Ratings, regards the deal as credit positive for News Corp., affirming the effectiveness of monetizing the value of its media brands and the potential for growth in the news media segment through collaboration with a leading generative AI company.


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