Pacers file complaint to NBA over 78 calls, source says


The Indiana Pacers have raised concerns about the officiating in their recent games against the New York Knicks. They identified 78 plays they felt were called incorrectly during Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Pacers coach Rick Carlisle initially identified 29 questionable calls from Game 1, but after Game 2 had similar issues, they decided to submit a total of 49 plays for review.

Carlisle had chosen not to submit the Game 1 calls initially, hoping for a fairer game in Game 2. However, when they encountered similar officiating problems in Game 2, they changed their minds. Carlisle was visibly upset during Game 2 and received two technical fouls, leading to his ejection from the game.

In Game 1, an incorrect kicked ball violation was called against the Pacers but was not corrected, resulting in a significant loss for the team. The Madison Square Garden crowd, energized by the return of star player Jalen Brunson, created a hostile environment for the Pacers. Carlisle suggested that the atmosphere favored the Knicks and led to unfair officiating.

Despite the officiating concerns, Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton emphasized that the team needed to focus on improving their performance rather than blaming the referees entirely. He acknowledged that they simply didn’t play well enough to win.

Overall, the Pacers’ concerns about officiating highlight the challenges small-market teams face when competing against big-market teams like the Knicks. They believe that all teams deserve an equal and fair opportunity to succeed, regardless of their market size or location.


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