People with serious illness want more states to allow doctors to help them die


Lawmakers in at least 12 states are talking about passing laws to allow doctors to help terminally ill patients end their own lives.

One woman, Deb Robertson, talked with her grandson about her upcoming death. She has cancer that is spreading, and she’s not afraid to die. But she felt relieved when she heard about a bill in Illinois that could let terminally ill patients choose when and how they die with a doctor’s help.

This kind of conversation is happening all over the country as people near the end of their lives decide what they want for themselves. Some states already allow this kind of assistance, but others don’t. People sometimes have to travel to states where it’s allowed, or they go without it.

Opponents of these laws say it’s wrong for someone to end their own life, even if they’re suffering. They worry that people might feel pressured to choose death because of their family or other reasons.

But supporters say it’s about giving people control over their own lives. They believe that everyone should have the right to decide when and how they die, especially if they’re facing a lot of pain and suffering.

Only a small number of people have used this option since it became legal in Oregon in 1997. But more and more states are considering making it available to their residents.

For example, Gary Drake, a man from Florida with cancer, decided to go to Oregon to end his own life. He didn’t want to wait for the cancer to take him slowly. He wanted to go out on his own terms, surrounded by his family and friends.

These laws have sparked a lot of debate, but for many people like Deb Robertson and Gary Drake, they offer a sense of relief and control in their final days.


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