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“We’ve lost Evan. What can we do?”

When Emma Tucker, the editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, called Paul Beckett, then the Washington bureau chief, to inform him that their reporter, Evan Gershkovich, was missing, it sparked a flurry of action. Beckett immediately alerted various authorities, including the White House National Security Council, the Pentagon, and the State Department.

Evan, working as a foreign correspondent in Russia for The Wall Street Journal, had missed two mandatory check-ins, raising concerns. Eventually, it was revealed that Evan had been arrested by Russia’s Federal Security Service, falsely accused of espionage, becoming the first American charged with such a crime since the Cold War.

The news of Evan’s arrest sent shockwaves through his friends and colleagues, with his image being broadcast worldwide as he was taken into custody. Evan, along with his employers and the White House, vehemently denied the allegations against him, pointing out that he was accredited by Russia’s Foreign Ministry as a journalist.

Reflecting on Evan’s arrest, Beckett described it as both baffling and frustrating, especially since Evan was performing his journalistic duties with proper accreditation. Evan’s arrest disrupted not only his life but also the lives of his family, friends, and colleagues, leaving them feeling helpless and concerned for his well-being.

Evan, who had been living and reporting in Russia for six years, was described as an outgoing and dedicated journalist by his friends. He had a deep understanding of Russia, having grown up speaking Russian with his immigrant parents. Despite the risks associated with reporting from Russia, Evan’s arrest came as a shock to those who knew him well.

Currently held in Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, Evan spends most of his days in isolation, facing uncertainty about his future. Despite the challenges, Evan remains resilient, engaging in activities like exercise, meditation, and writing letters to stay connected with his loved ones.

Friends like Jeremy Berke continue to support Evan, keeping his spirits up with regular communication and sharing updates about their lives. Evan’s parents, Ella Milman and Mikhail Gershkovich, have been relentless in advocating for his release, drawing attention to his case through media appearances.

As Evan’s detention extends, his colleagues, family, and friends remain hopeful for his safe return. They continue to raise awareness about Evan’s story, hoping for a resolution through government negotiations and the support of the international community.


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