Seven fresh Bridgerton filming spots you can explore


Bridgerton has triumphantly returned, bringing with it a fresh opportunity to explore the exquisite settings that capture the essence of Regency-era England. From the stately palaces of London to the opulent ballrooms of Bath, these prime locations invite fans to immerse themselves in the world of Bridgerton.

Following the 16 May release of Bridgerton’s third season on Netflix, the show’s high-society allure and intricate tales of seduction and scandal have inspired fans to seek out its iconic filming sites in person. According to the British travel platform Trainline, there has been a notable 50% increase in visits to these locations across England over the past year. Among American travelers, this trend is even more pronounced, with a remarkable 135% rise in trips to Bridgerton-inspired destinations year over year.

Patricia Yates, CEO of VisitBritain, emphasizes that the latest season of Bridgerton offers a unique opportunity to “showcase [Britain’s] renowned history and heritage and related experiences to an international audience, motivating visitors to explore the filming locations and sites themselves.” This connection between popular culture and tourism highlights how the captivating narrative of Bridgerton not only entertains but also enriches the appreciation of Britain’s historical and cultural landscape.

From the grandeur of London’s royal palaces, which serve as a backdrop for the series’ lavish gatherings, to the elegance of Bath’s ballrooms, where much of the romantic drama unfolds, these seven locations across England allow fans to step into the luxurious world of Bridgerton. Each site offers a unique glimpse into the Regency period’s architecture, fashion, and social customs, making it possible for visitors to experience firsthand the settings that have brought their favorite series to life.

Here are seven must-visit locations in England where Bridgerton enthusiasts can indulge in the series’ splendor and drama:

  1. Hampton Court Palace, London – This historic royal palace stands in for Queen Charlotte’s residence, showcasing its magnificent gardens and opulent interiors.
  2. Ranger’s House, Greenwich – Known as the Bridgerton family’s home, this elegant Georgian villa perfectly captures the era’s architectural style.
  3. Wilton House, Salisbury – This stately home doubles as the Duke of Hastings’ residence, with its stunning Palladian architecture and grand rooms.
  4. Bath Assembly Rooms, Bath – These historic rooms host many of the series’ ball scenes, embodying the social elegance of the Regency period.
  5. Holburne Museum, Bath – Serving as Lady Danbury’s home, this museum’s grand exterior is a perfect fit for the character’s formidable presence.
  6. Painshill Park, Surrey – This beautiful 18th-century landscape garden provides the perfect setting for various outdoor scenes.
  7. Syon House, London – Used for several interior scenes, this grand estate offers a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyles depicted in Bridgerton.

By visiting these enchanting locations, fans can not only relive their favorite moments from the series but also gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history and heritage that these sites represent.


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