Shannen Doherty requests $15K in spousal support, noting her ‘Charmed’ residuals will ‘dramatically decrease.’


Shannen Doherty has filed for spousal support amid her ongoing divorce from Kurt Iswarienko, criticizing her estranged husband for his extravagant spending habits. According to documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Doherty, who filed the paperwork in Los Angeles on June 14, has requested a monthly spousal support payment of $15,343, retroactive to June 1, 2024.

In her filing, Doherty, who is currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 breast cancer and is unable to work, highlighted the stark difference in their earnings during the last three years of marriage. She claimed that Iswarienko’s average annual earnings were $672,916, while hers were $259,708. The actress emphasized her financial needs, revealing that her monthly expenses exceed $54,600. With her inability to work, she will lose her eligibility for SAG Health Insurance, causing her medical bills to increase significantly.

Doherty’s financial situation is further complicated by the declining income from her television work. She disclosed that the majority of her residual income comes from the television show “Charmed.” However, she recently learned that “Charmed” will no longer be streaming on any major platform after June 30, 2024, which will dramatically decrease her future residual income.

Despite these challenges, Doherty accused Iswarienko of delaying the settlement, allegedly hoping she will not survive the divorce proceedings. She also criticized his lavish spending, citing his use of an airplane, expenditures at medical spas, jewelry stores, Gucci, and flights for his “agent,” while simultaneously claiming he lacks sufficient funds to support her.

Doherty, who married Iswarienko, a celebrity photographer, in 2011 and filed for divorce in April 2023, has also requested that Iswarienko pay $9,100 for her attorney fees and costs. The divorce proceedings have been fraught with personal turmoil. On the debut episode of her podcast, “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty,” in December, the actress revealed that she went into surgery to remove a brain tumor in January 2023 after learning about her husband’s alleged infidelity.

“I went into that surgery early in the morning after finding out that my marriage was essentially over, that my husband had been carrying on an affair for two years,” she shared. “I couldn’t go into that surgery with him there. I felt so betrayed.” Doherty described feeling incredibly unloved by someone she was with for 14 years and whom she loved with all her heart. She relied on her mother, brother, and friends for support during this difficult time.

The emotional toll of her marital issues has been significant. Doherty described being obsessed for months with uncovering the truth about her husband’s infidelity, hoping for honesty through their conversations. “Just to have to go through all of that while trying to figure out if you’re going to get a frickin’ divorce and trying to get to the truth of that,” she said.

Doherty’s ongoing battle with cancer adds another layer of complexity to her situation. Her stage 4 diagnosis has already taken a substantial physical and emotional toll on her. She has been undergoing experimental treatments, incurring exorbitant medical expenses not covered by insurance in hopes of prolonging her life. The financial strain, combined with the emotional burden of her divorce, paints a challenging picture for the actress.

Despite her health and financial struggles, Doherty remains resolute in her pursuit of spousal support. She argues that Iswarienko’s earnings and spending habits indicate that he is capable of providing the requested support. Her legal battle is not just about securing financial stability but also about addressing the perceived injustice in their financial and emotional relationship.

Doherty’s case underscores the broader issues faced by many individuals undergoing divorce, especially when compounded by serious health issues. The combination of legal, financial, and medical challenges can be overwhelming, and Doherty’s situation highlights the need for support systems for those facing similar circumstances.

As the divorce proceedings continue, Doherty’s claims about Iswarienko’s spending habits and the financial disparities in their marriage will be scrutinized. The outcome will not only impact her financial stability but also set a precedent for how spousal support is viewed in cases involving significant health challenges and alleged financial misconduct.


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