Social media reacts strongly to Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict, focusing on the Biden family’s alleged “real crimes.”


Prominent voices on social media weighed in on the guilty verdict handed to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, for charges related to his possession of a firearm. Conservatives argued that the verdict was a cover-up to protect the Biden family, while liberals viewed it as proof that the justice system is functioning as intended.

The Delaware jury found Hunter Biden guilty on all federal charges stemming from his 2018 purchase of a firearm, including making false statements during the purchase and possessing a gun while being an unlawful user of a controlled substance.

Conservative podcast host Comfortably Smug expressed skepticism, suggesting that the charges against Hunter were pursued to divert attention from more serious allegations that could implicate President Biden. Similar sentiments were echoed by other conservatives, who accused the Department of Justice (DOJ) of strategically avoiding pursuing more substantial charges against Hunter to shield both him and the president from scrutiny.

Progressives, however, defended the verdict and criticized conservative interpretations as conspiracy theories. They argued that the DOJ’s prosecution of Hunter demonstrated that nobody, not even the son of a sitting president, is above the law.

Conservative digital strategist Greg Price contended that the DOJ’s decision to focus on Hunter’s firearm charges was a deliberate tactic to sidestep more significant allegations of corruption involving foreign business dealings. He asserted that pursuing lesser charges with overwhelming evidence allowed the DOJ to claim that justice was served without implicating President Biden in any wrongdoing.

Pro-Trump attorney Rogan O’Handley echoed these sentiments, calling for Hunter to be held accountable for alleged foreign bribery schemes involving his father. He emphasized the need to address what he perceived as the “actual crimes” that people care about, rather than focusing solely on firearm-related charges.

Meanwhile, liberal commentator Art Candee used Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict to contrast the public reactions with those following former President Trump’s recent legal troubles. He highlighted the absence of outcry or accusations of a rigged trial, implying that the handling of Hunter’s case was more transparent and fair compared to Trump’s experiences.

The verdict against Hunter Biden comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family’s financial dealings, with Hunter facing another trial on federal tax charges in the near future. The outcome of this trial is anticipated to further shape public perception of the Biden administration’s integrity and accountability.

In the broader context of American politics, the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal troubles intersects with partisan divisions over the fairness of the justice system and allegations of political bias within law enforcement agencies. As the Biden administration continues to navigate these challenges, the handling of Hunter’s case will remain a focal point for both critics and supporters alike.


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