South Korea slows plan to hike medical school admissions as doctors’ strike drags on


In South Korea, the government wants to resolve a strike by doctors, so it’s changing its plan to admit more students to medical schools next year. The strike started because the government announced a plan to add 2,000 new students, but many doctors were worried this would make things difficult for the schools and lower the quality of medical care.

To find a solution, the government listened to the suggestions of six state-run universities. They agreed to gradually increase the number of students admitted to medical schools over the next few years instead of all at once. This compromise means that for now, the number of new students next year might be closer to 1,000 instead of 2,000.

The government says this is a temporary solution, and the universities will have to come up with a plan by April to increase admissions by the full 2,000 by 2026. However, doctors’ groups want the government to cancel the plan altogether.

The Prime Minister explained that the strike is putting pressure on hospitals, and they need to find a solution to ensure healthcare services are not affected. He called on the striking doctors to go back to work and talk to the government to find a solution together.


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