‘Star Trek’ actor Zachary Quinto criticized for rudeness to restaurant staff: ‘Made our host cry’


“Star Trek” actor Zachary Quinto faced intense backlash following an incident at a Toronto restaurant, Manita on Ossington Ave, over the weekend. The establishment took to Instagram to publicly call out the actor for what they described as entitled and rude behavior. The post, which quickly gained traction, labeled Quinto an “entitled child” and criticized his conduct while dining at their restaurant.

The restaurant’s Instagram statement began by acknowledging Quinto’s fame and talent, particularly noting his acclaimed portrayal of Spock in the “Star Trek” reboot series. “Zachary Quinto – an amazing Spock, but a terrible customer,” the message read. The post detailed the events that led to their public criticism. According to the restaurant, Quinto became agitated and yelled at the staff after not responding to two text messages informing him that his table was ready. When he arrived, he reportedly refused to believe that the empty tables in the dining room were not available for him, despite being politely informed that they were reserved.

The situation escalated to the point where Quinto’s behavior allegedly made the host cry and caused discomfort among the other brunch diners. The Instagram post continued, “Mr. Quinto, take your bad vibes somewhere else. We have many lovely celebrities join us at Manita, but you are NOT one of them.” The restaurant’s decision to tag Quinto’s Instagram account in the story further amplified the message, ensuring it reached both his followers and a broader audience.

The initial post was followed by a second message on Monday, reinforcing the restaurant’s stance. This follow-up message addressed the broader issue of customer behavior towards service industry workers. “This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time an irate guest has taken their frustrations out on our staff,” the statement read. Manita expressed their gratitude for their mostly “incredible, friendly, gracious guests” who provide constructive feedback. They added, “To all the other Zachary Quintos out there, on behalf of restaurant workers everywhere: We aren’t above criticism, but we are above being demeaned.”

This public call-out sparked a significant reaction online. Many social media users supported the restaurant’s decision to address Quinto’s behavior publicly, praising them for standing up for their staff. Others expressed disappointment in Quinto, noting that his on-screen persona as Spock contrasted sharply with the reported off-screen behavior.

Representatives for Quinto did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment, leaving his side of the story untold. However, the timing of the incident coincided with Quinto’s 47th birthday, which he celebrated on June 2. Quinto documented his birthday celebrations on his Instagram story, sharing moments from his day at Canada’s Wonderland theme park and a photo of himself with a birthday cake at a restaurant. These posts painted a different picture of his day, focusing on his enjoyment and personal celebrations rather than the controversy at Manita.

Quinto’s birthday celebrations began with a visit to Canada’s Wonderland theme park. He posted a photo of the park’s entrance, expressing his gratitude: “Thank you for such an incredible birthday adventure!!!” This was followed by a picture of himself at a restaurant, smiling with a birthday cake, which appeared to be a happy and joyous moment.

The stark contrast between Quinto’s celebratory posts and the restaurant’s accusations highlighted the complexity of public personas and private behavior. The incident at Manita sparked discussions about the treatment of service workers and the expectations placed on celebrities. While fans often idolize and admire actors for their on-screen roles, incidents like this remind the public that celebrities are human and capable of negative behavior.

In the era of social media, public figures are held to higher standards of conduct, and their actions can quickly become public knowledge. The restaurant’s decision to air their grievances on Instagram reflects a broader trend where businesses and individuals use social media platforms to address and resolve conflicts. This transparency can lead to public support and solidarity but also invites scrutiny and debate.

For Zachary Quinto, this incident serves as a reminder of the impact of one’s actions, especially as a public figure. The response from Manita and the subsequent public reaction underscore the importance of treating service industry workers with respect and kindness, regardless of one’s status or frustrations. As the story circulated, it not only shed light on Quinto’s behavior but also brought attention to the daily challenges faced by restaurant staff and the broader issue of customer entitlement.

The controversy surrounding Quinto at Manita highlights the intersection of celebrity culture, social media, and the service industry. It serves as a poignant example of how public behavior can influence perceptions and the importance of maintaining respect and civility in all interactions. As the dialogue continues, it is a reminder that respect and empathy should always be at the forefront, whether one is a celebrity or an everyday customer.


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