Stricter visa rules to study in Australia from March 23


Australia is making significant changes to its visa rules for international students, effective March 23. These changes are aimed at ensuring that students genuinely intend to pursue studies in the country. The revisions include stricter language requirements, increased financial criteria, and a focus on genuine intentions.

  1. Stricter Language Requirements:
    Under the new regulations, students applying for visas will need to meet higher language proficiency standards. For example, the required IELTS score for a Temporary Graduate visa will increase from 6.0 to 6.5, and for a student visa, it will rise from 5.5 to 6.0.
  2. Augmented Financial Criteria:
    Prospective applicants will be required to demonstrate evidence of savings amounting to $24,505, which is a significant increase from previous financial requirements.
  3. Focus on Genuine Intentions:
    The new Genuine Student (GS) requirement will assess students’ genuine intentions to study in Australia. Factors such as course progression, immigration history, and adherence to visa conditions will be evaluated.
  4. New Genuine Student Test:
    A fresh genuine student test will replace the existing Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. This test will apply to all international students, with high-risk applications undergoing heightened scrutiny.
  5. Impact on Indian Students:
    Indian students constitute a significant portion of the international student population in Australia, with over 100,000 enrolled in 2022. However, experts express concerns that the new rules may affect the acceptance rates of visa applications from Indian students.
  6. Government’s Commitment:
    The Australian government’s decision to revamp its visa regulations reflects its commitment to enhancing the integrity of the education system. By ensuring that international students genuinely intend to study in Australia, the government aims to maintain the quality of education and protect the interests of both students and institutions.
  7. Ensuring Integrity:
    The changes in visa rules are intended to prevent abuse of the system and ensure that students are not using student visas as a means to enter the country for other purposes. By scrutinizing applicants’ intentions and qualifications more closely, Australia aims to maintain the integrity of its immigration process.
  8. Collaboration with Other Countries:
    Australia’s visa policy changes align with similar measures adopted by countries like Canada and the UK. This collaboration reflects a global effort to streamline immigration processes and ensure that students are genuinely committed to their studies.
  9. Adaptation to Changing Times:
    As the landscape of international education evolves, it is essential for countries to adapt their visa policies accordingly. By updating its requirements, Australia aims to remain competitive in attracting talented students from around the world.

    The introduction of new visa rules for international students marks a significant development in Australia’s immigration policy. While these changes may pose challenges for some applicants, they are ultimately aimed at maintaining the integrity of the education system and ensuring that students have genuine intentions to study in the country.


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