Suspected Russian spies held over sabotage plot


Two men, both with German and Russian citizenship, were arrested in Bavaria, Germany, suspected of spying for Russia. They are accused of planning to sabotage military aid efforts for Ukraine, including scouting US military sites in Germany.

The main suspect, Dieter S, is accused of various crimes, including planning explosions and arson, as well as having ties to Russian intelligence. He is also alleged to have fought for a Russian-backed force in eastern Ukraine from 2014 to 2016.

The second suspect, Alexander J, is accused of assisting Dieter S in identifying potential targets for attack.

Germany is one of the largest contributors of military aid to Ukraine, behind the US, providing around €28 billion since Russia’s invasion in 2022.

Dieter S is said to have discussed sabotage operations with his Russian contact since October, aiming to undermine Germany’s support for Ukraine by targeting military and industrial sites, including US military bases.

German officials hailed the arrests as a significant success in countering Russian espionage activities. Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck, visiting Kyiv, emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

Germany is leading efforts to enhance Ukraine’s air defense capabilities, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz advocating for EU countries to provide additional air defense systems like Patriot missiles.

These arrests come after other notable espionage cases, including a German national arrested last year for allegedly passing information to Russian diplomats, and the Wirecard scandal involving the former CEO suspected of being a Russian spy.


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