Taiwan remains confident in unwavering support from the United States, regardless of the outcome of the election.


Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed confidence on Thursday that the United States’ steadfast support for the island nation will persist, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election. Amidst the heated campaign season, Taiwan remains vigilant against potential manipulation of Taiwan-China issues for political gain.

Under the Trump administration, Taiwan experienced robust backing, including high-profile visits and continued arms sales, a trend that has carried over into President Joe Biden’s tenure. The foreign ministry’s report to lawmakers underscored the bipartisan consensus in the U.S. regarding support for Taiwan, irrespective of political affiliations.

While maintaining balanced engagement with both U.S. political parties, Taiwan remains cautious of the potential politicization of cross-Taiwan Strait issues during the election cycle. The ministry emphasized the need for vigilance without specifying the nature of potential manipulation.

During his visit to Taipei, U.S. Congressman Jack Bergman, along with Democratic Congressmen Donald Norcross and Jimmy Panetta, reaffirmed Congress’ unwavering support for Taiwan’s security and strategic interests. Bergman highlighted the importance of a robust maritime strategy and collaborative efforts to counter China’s aggressive actions in the region.

The delegation’s meetings with “U.S. personnel” in Taiwan underscore the depth of bilateral cooperation, although specifics regarding the nature of these engagements were not disclosed. The United States’ role as Taiwan’s principal arms supplier and staunch international ally remains pivotal, despite the absence of formal diplomatic relations.

As geopolitical tensions continue to simmer in the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan remains resolute in safeguarding its sovereignty and security. The enduring partnership between Taiwan and the United States serves as a bulwark against external pressures and reinforces stability in the region.


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